The primary election on June 8, 2010 has one important change for Decline to State ("independent") voters. They have a choice of ballot.


Voters will receive the ballot of the political party in which they are registered. Members of one political party cannot vote for candidates running for partisan office from another party.

Decline to State voters did not register for a party. They will receive a ballot which contains no party candidates — unless they request either the Republican or Democratic Party ballot from their county elections official or at their polling place.

For more information see "Decline-to-State Information" from the Secretary of State.

To see the choices on your ballot, be sure to select a party when you use "My Ballot".

Voter Registration Deadline

To change your party, you must re-register. The registration deadline is May 24 for this election. If you register after May 11, you may not receive a sample ballot in the mail and may not be on the voting rolls at your polling place; however, you can and should vote a provisional ballot.