Smart Voter invites users to find their custom ballot and polling place by entering their street address and zip code. Users may access "home pages" of each participating candidate that include their biography, endorsements, top priorities if elected, and position papers. All candidates in the participating areas are invited to build pages on our site without charge.


Your ballot with polling place
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Information on contests
Read statements directly from candidates
Links to League of Women Voters analyses of propositions or measures
Links to other sources
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Local election resources
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How do I get all of this data?
Fill in your address and zip code into "My Ballot" or browse contests geographically .

QUESTION: Which type of page gives access to the most information on the Smart Voter site?

ANSWER: The page for a single contest or ballot measure. That page lists an overview of candidates or a ballot measure and may contain additional information from known governmental, League, or other nonpartisan sources. Some League organizations ask questions of all candidates in a contest so you may compare their answers.