Smart Voter, a project of the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund, partners with County Elections Officials to give people the best possible clear and unbiased election information they need to be well-informed voters. Smart Voter automates the ballot and polling place lookups using data supplied by the county.

Here are some questions County Elections Officials might ask about Smart Voter and the League of Women Voters:

Does your organization advocate on issues?

The League of Women Voters of California Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization which means that we can not engage in advocacy or we will lose that tax-exempt status. We have available a copy of the IRS letter from a recent audit confirming that our tax-exempt status is still intact. Contact our project director at for a copy.

What guidelines do you set for information published on your site?

We make sure that the information we offer to the public, in whatever form, is sound and unbiased with no hint of advocacy. We run our Smart Voter Election Service according to the same California law by which you must abide. We put up all the appropriate warnings and disclaimers on the site and on the instruction pages where the candidates enter their information. If a candidate violates the regulations we take immediate action. We also put those instructions in the invitation letters that we send out to all of the candidates.

What is the benefit to our county elections department?

Smart Voter computers are housed by a service which offers us extra capacity during election time when we need it. Smart Voter serves not only the public but the County Registration and Elections Department as well. Smart Voter is there for a backup system in case your system should go down or get overloaded during an election. This has happened in two counties recently. In another county we were there to provide the ballot lookup when their service provider could no longer do so.

We take the extra Web site hits and eliminate the need for thousands of inquiries to your office during the most frantic hours of the election. That allows you to save money on extra staff while enhancing your service to the public.

What kind of outreach to communities do you do?

We also magnify your mandated outreach to the community with the grassroots efforts of our Local Leagues in the county and the media campaign we do for the Smart Voter website at election time.

Do you publish material in languages other than English?

We have the Easy Voter Guide hot-linked from Smart Voter for those whose first language is not English. It is written at a 6th grade level in very clear language. In past elections, it has been offered in Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Japanese, and English.