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Thank you, thank you, thank you for the "My Ballot" so that I found my polling place effortlessly! ... I found exactly what I needed and then some. Not only did it tell me where to go, I was able to just as easily get the directions from my house without having to go to MapQuest on my own. Maybe the unfortunate part is that our world has gotten so hasty, but at least the League of Women Voters realizes this and is saving the day! Thank you! - -San Joaquin County

Just wanted to say great website. For the past 3 years I have used it for every election in my district.  I especially love the Ballot Measures Analysis.  It has helped me make more informed decisions.  I always recommend your site to anyone that I know who votes or are unsure of a ballot measure. Keep up the great work!!! --Los Angeles County

Thank you for the LWV website and its recent enhancements.  I have become a much more informed voter.  As usual the LWV information is neutral and designed to INFORM, rather than PERSUADE.  The audio clips of KPCC's pro/con sessions have been especially helpful.  They are a welcome change from the awful "shout politics" which has become so common. Thanks again!  Please keep up the good work. --Orange County

This is a great site...easy to navigate....well done! :-) --Orange County

...Wish more candidates would give more information. Might be nice to have some questions and responses to issues posed by the League (similar to at forums) posted. --Marin County

...I am interested in volunteering time to help this organization...--Fresno County


...the League ... has maintained the highest standards of honesty and integrity over the course of many years. You are fine, patriotic citizens and everyone who loves our country and our democratic form of government owes each of you his or her heartfelt gratitude and admiration. --Sacramento County

Love the site! Thanks for taking the time. That's more than what can be said for some candidates! --Orange County

Is there any way I can check to see where I am registered to vote? --Alameda County

The League of Women Voters Smart Voter site is superb a fabulous public service, as were the scores of professionally conducted candidate forums... --Santa Clara County

A check is in the mail to the Marin branch... Your website was informative for voters and accessible to candidates... --Marin County

I am a newspaper editor ... and I use your webpage regularly for information about the ballots that will be received by our members listed in five counties. We often run endosements of candidates and measures throughout our jurisdiction, and your listing of candidates and measures -- both state and local -- is the most complete and accurate I can find... without having to contact each individual registrar of voters. Your website is in keeping with my favorite political saying: "the cure for an ailing democracy is more democracy." Keep up the good work!!! --Sonoma County

From Candidates...

...I deeply appreciate your hosting of the smart voter web site. Without it I could not have gotten my message out. Although I'm suffering a little burnout now, I still think I'm going to volunteer for the local chapter of the LWV. Your efforts to level the playing field and reduce the dominance of special interest money in elections is probably the best effort currently being done. Very best regards, and again, THANK YOU ALL. --San Diego County

Thanks for providing such a valuable community service that allows candidates to share who they are and what they support. I'm impressed with the site. The candidates who fail to take advantage of your offer are truly missing out! -- Los Angeles County

A most excellent public service! Thank you and all the volunteers and donors. --Santa Clara County


Thank you so much for this great service! It was my first campaign. My statement of qualifications on the sample ballot, and your smartvoter page were my entire campaign. I'd never really considered my philosophy before. Thank you for the prompt. Much to my surprise, I wrote a full page... --Marin County

As both a candidate and a high technology marketing professional, I found the Smart Voter web site very well done. It was very easy to create and update information, and had the right categories already set up. I was pleased to have such an excellent vehicle to support my campaign, and am sure it made a difference in the results. I hope you will continue to offer this service in future elections. --Santa Clara County

The notes above are a selection of the unsolicited feedback sent to Smart Voter.

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