Smart Voter November 8, 2022 Election

List of Polling Locations in San Joaquin County, CA

Listed below are all election-day polling locations for the November 8, 2022 Election in San Joaquin County, CA. If you have not mailed your Vote-by-Mail ballot and need to return it to a polling location, you can locate a nearby polling site from the following list sorted by city.

(City Not Known)

White Rose Church of God In Christ
Fellowship Hall
2340 S Pilgrim St
Stockton Ca 95206-2254

Quail Lakes Baptist Church
Club House
1904 Quail Lakes Dr
Stockton Ca 95207-4657

Tracy District Education Center
General Conference Room
1875 W Lowell Ave
Tracy Ca 95376-2291

Lucchesi Residence
3822 N Monitor Cir
Stockton, Ca 95219-3639

Manteca Fire Station 242
Between Hwy 120 & Wawona
1154 S Union Rd
Manteca Ca 95337-8343

Weston Ranch High School
4606 McCuen Ave
Stockton Ca 95206-6388

Delgado Residence
210 Laurelwood Ln
Ripon Ca 95366-2926

Christian Life Center
9025 West Ln
Stockton CA 95210-1401

George Kelly Elementary School
Library / Media Center
535 Mabel Josephine Dr
Tracy Ca 95377-6645

Tom Hawkins Elementary School
Community Room
475 Darlene Ln
Tracy Ca 95377-7039

Alliance Church
825 Highmoor Ave
Stockton Ca 95210-1860

Valley Christian Church
Social Hall
1125 N Union Rd
Manteca Ca 95336-3049

Stockton Fire Station 3
1116 E 1st St
Stockton Ca 95206-2255

Kooner Residence
2101 Katnich Ln
Lodi Ca 95242-4806

Ramsey Residence
628 Misty Meadow St
Stockton Ca 95210-4435

Cesar Chavez High School
2929 Windflower Ln
Stockton Ca 95212-2706

George Lincoln Mosher Elementary School
3220 Buddy Holly Dr
Stockton Ca 95212-2708

Park View Elementary School
Music Room
751 Cindy Dr
Ripon Ca 95366-9443

Summer Place Social Center
Social Center
8318 Manhattan Dr
Stockton Ca 95210-2120

Central United Methodist Church
Fireside Room
3700 Pacific Ave
Stockton Ca 95204-1941

Rio Calaveras Elementary School
Cafeteria/Multi Purpose Room
1819 E Bianchi Rd
Stockton Ca 95210-6766

Anthony C Traina School
Multipurpose Room
4256 Windsong Dr
Tracy Ca 95377-8739

Eastlake Home Owners Association
Club House
1355 Eastlake Cir
Tracy Ca 95304-5837

New Vision Education Center
Computer Room
4726 McCuen Ave
Stockton Ca 95206-6397

Wilhelmina Henry Elementary School
Cafeteria Stage
1107 S Wagner Ave
Stockton Ca 95215-6835

Montezuma Elementary School
Multi Purpose Room
2843 Farmington Rd
Stockton Ca 95205-7845

Lathrop Elementary School
15851 5th St
Lathrop Ca 95330-8507

Melville S Jacobson Elem School
Multi Purpose Room
1750 W Kavanagh Ave
Tracy Ca 95376-0732

Uop Derosa University Center
Ball Room
3601 Pacific Ave
Stockton Ca 95211-0197

Prestige Senior Living
Villagio Room
1130 Empire Ave
Manteca Ca 95336-9178

Windsor Hampton Care Center
Front Lobby
442 E Hampton St
Stockton Ca 95204-5519

Christian Life Church
4303 Christian Life Way
Stockton CA 95212-2907

August Knodt Elem School
3939 Ews Woods Blvd
Stockton Ca 95206-5231

Delta Sierra Middle School
Room 21
2255 Wagner Heights Rd
Stockton Ca 95209-4700

Stockton Ports Ballpark
Pro Shop
404 W Fremont St
Stockton Ca 95203-2806

Villa Monterey
Community Room
4707 Kentfield Rd Apt C
Stockton Ca 95207-7315

Manlio Silva Elementary School
6250 Scott Creek Dr
Stockton Ca 95219-7244

Alex G Spanos Elementary School
Cafeteria / Multi Purpose Room
536 S California St
Stockton Ca 95203-3704

John R Williams School
2450 Meadow Ave
Stockton Ca 95207-1331

Tracy Sports Complex
Main Building
955 Crossroads Dr
Tracy Ca 95377-7966

Colonial Heights School
Multi Purpose Room
8135 Balboa Ave
Stockton Ca 95209-2920

Veritas Elementary School
Multi Purpose Room
1600 Pagola Ave
Manteca Ca 95337-8603

Shasta Elementary School
Enter Parking Lot Turn Right
751 E Edison St
Manteca Ca 95336-3803

Monticello Elementary School
Multi Purpose Room
1001 Cambridge Pl
Tracy Ca 95377-7500

Wanda Hirsch School
Multipurpose Room
1280 Dove Dr
Tracy Ca 95376-8362

Christa Mc Auliffe Middle School
3880 Iron Canyon Cir
Stockton Ca 95209-3612

Walter Woodward School
575 Tannehill Dr
Manteca Ca 95337-8709

Hmong C&Ma Church of Stockton
Room 4
4040 Clark Dr
Stockton Ca 95215-8204

Achterberg Residence
30137 Orange Ave
Escalon Ca 95320-8606

New Directions
Building C
1981 Cherokee Rd
Stockton Ca 95205-2720

Sebastian Questa Elementary School
Music Room
685 N Montebello St
Mountain House Ca 95391-1241

Faith Community Church of the Nazarene
Front Lobby
18621 N Highway 99
Acampo Ca 95220-9428

the Home Church
11451 N West Ln
Lodi, Ca 95242-9452

Laborers' Local 73
Union Hall
3984 Cherokee Rd
Stockton Ca 95215-2201

Mountain House Fire Department
Community Center
911 S Tradition St
Mountain House Ca 95391-8221

Lois E Borchardt Elementary School
375 Culbertson Dr
Lodi Ca 95240-8873

Podesta Ranch Elementary School
Multi-purpose Room (mpr)
9950 Windmill Park Dr
Stockton Ca 95209-4326

South/West Park School
Library Rm E130
501 Mount Oso Ave
Tracy Ca 95376-4604

Ellerth E Larson School
2375 Giannoni Way
Lodi Ca 95242-4795

New Haven Elementary School
Old Cafeteria
14600 S Austin Rd
Manteca Ca 95336-9786

Lathrop High School
Career Center
647 Spartan Way
Lathrop Ca 95330-9770

Garden Acres Community Center
Main Room
607 Bird Ave
Stockton Ca 95215-6017

Oak Park Senior Center
Activity Room
730 E Fulton St
Stockton Ca 95204-2236

Stockton # 83 Fraternal Order of Eagles
Small Hall
1492 Bourbon St
Stockton Ca 95204-2404

Medrano Residence
10437 Albert Dr
Stockton Ca 95209-4585

De Young Shoreline Chapel
Reception Room
7676 Shoreline Dr
Stockton Ca 95219-5456

Almond Valley Christian Reformed Church
Main Room
333 S Wilma Ave
Ripon Ca 95366-2354

La Quinta Inn & Suites
Meeting Room
1524 W Colony Rd
Ripon Ca 95366-9419

Journey Christian Church
Worship Center Suite 115
4600 S Tracy Blvd Suite 101
Tracy Ca 95377-8105

Dorothy L Jones Community Center
Main Lobby
2044 Fair St
Stockton Ca 95206-2313

Lincoln High School
Multi Purpose Room
6844 Alexandria Pl
Stockton Ca 95207-2401

Farmington Elementary School
Multi Purpose Room
25233 E Highway 4
Farmington Ca 95230-9698

Big Valley Bible Church
Fellowship Hall
226 Poplar St
Lodi Ca 95240-5930

El Dorado Elementary School
Multi Purpose Room
1540 N Lincoln St
Stockton Ca 95204-5617

Hoover Elementary School
2900 Kirk Ave
Stockton Ca 95204-2629

New Hope Elementary School
Multi Purpose Room
26675 N Sacramento Blvd
Thornton Ca 95686-7119

Health Careers Academy
Aspen Hall
931 E Magnolia St
Stockton Ca 95202-1813

Escalon First Baptist Church
Front Lobby
1511 Catherine Way
Escalon Ca 95320-9400

Greater Christ Temple
Fellowship Hall
8800 Thornton Rd
Stockton Ca 95209-1867

Victory In Praise Church
Cafe Area
2029 E Harding Way
Stockton Ca 95205-3711

River Islands Welcome Center
Community Center
1401 River Islands Parkway
Lathrop Ca 95330-9845

Manteca Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Fellowship Room
525 S Union Rd
Manteca Ca 95337-5297

Cubillo Residence
1641 Courtyard Dr
Manteca Ca 95337-8720

Manteca Fire Station 244
Meeting Room
1465 W Lathrop Rd
Manteca Ca 95336-8264

Solstice Senior Living At Lodi
Vibrant Life Activity Room
2145 W Kettleman Ln
Lodi Ca 95242-4312

Lopez Residence
3 Car Garage
2328 Veramonte Ave
Manteca Ca 95337-9670

Lockeford Community Center
Main Room
19258 N Jack Tone Rd
Lockeford, Ca 95237-9416

Arnold Rue Community Center
Main Room
5758 Lorraine Ave
Stockton Ca 95210-3607

Workvine 209
Large Main Area
1005 E Pescadero Ave, Unit 167
Tracy Ca 95304-8505

Lodi Fire Station 2
2 S Cherokee Ln
Lodi Ca 95240-3019

Manteca Fire Station 245
1675 E Woodward Ave
Manteca, Ca 95337-7203

Lathrop-Manteca Fire Station 34
460 River Islands Pkwy
Lathrop Ca 95330-9845

Minnema Residence
3217 Rutledge Way
Stockton, Ca 95219-3722

South San Joaquin County Fire Authority 95
7151 Tracy Hills Dr
Tracy Ca 95377-8887

United Lutheran Church
Social Hall
649 Northgate Dr
Manteca Ca 95336-3144

Manteca Fire Station 241
Garage Bay
290 S Powers Ave
Manteca Ca 95336-5916

Cathedral Center
Choir Room
440 W Rose St
Stockton Ca 95203-1817

the Way Church
Fellowship Hall
715 E North St
Manteca Ca 95336-4830

Stockton Fire Station 2
110 W Sonora St
Stockton Ca 95203-3416

Ripon Grace Brethren Church
Confrence Room
734 W Main St
Ripon Ca 95366-2321

Lakewood Elementary School
Multi Purpose Room
1100 N Ham Ln
Lodi Ca 95242-2322

Lathrop-Manteca Fire Station 31
800 J St
Lathrop Ca 95330-8909

Taft Park Community Center
Community Center
389 Downing Ave
Stockton Ca 95206-3028

First Presbyterian Church
Koinonia Hall
31 E Vine St
Stockton Ca 95202-1046

Boggs Tract Community Center
South Building
533 S Los Angeles Ave
Stockton Ca 95203-3028

Northeast Community Center
Food Room
2885 E Harding Way
Stockton Ca 95205-3572

Stockton Covenant Church
Social Hall
1720 Oxford Way
Stockton Ca 95204-4261

Kennedy Community Center
Class Room
2800 S D St
Stockton Ca 95206-3617

Holy Cross Methodist Church
Social Hall
1200 W Hammer Ln
Stockton Ca 95209-3013

Lincoln Presbyterian Church
Agape Hall
900 Douglas Rd
Stockton Ca 95207-3609

Grace Presbyterian Church
Main Room/ Grace Hall
10 N Mills Ave
Lodi Ca 95242-3130

Stockton Fire Station 12
4010 E Main St
Stockton Ca 95215-6727

Stribley Center
Meeting Room
1760 E Sonora St
Stockton Ca 95205-6202

Emanuel Lutheran Church
Main Lobby
1540 W Lodi Ave
Lodi Ca 95242-3010

Stockton Fire Station 7
1767 W Hammer Ln
Stockton Ca 95209-2923

Vinewood Community Church
Fellowship Center
1900 W Vine St
Lodi Ca 95242-3870

United Methodist Church
Stephans Hall
25626 Elm St
Farmington Ca 95230-9547

Golden Oaks Recreation Room
1210 W Century Blvd
Lodi Ca 95240-6631

Berea Baptist Church
4957 Quashnick Rd
Stockton Ca 95212-2507

Waterloo Middle School
Multi Purpose Room
7007 Pezzi Rd
Stockton Ca 95215-9113

Clements Fire Protection District
Day Room
18901 E Highway 88
Clements Ca 95227-7210

Live Oak Elementary School
Room 13
5099 Bear Creek Rd
Lodi Ca 95240-7218

Liberty Fire District
Training Room
24124 N Bruella Rd
Acampo Ca 95220-9620

Woodbridge Fire Station 73
Garage Bay
25440 N Eunice Rd
Acampo Ca 95220-9399

Woodbridge Fire Station 71
400 E Augusta St
Woodbridge Ca 95258-9288

Tower Park Village
14950 W Highway 12
Lodi Ca 95242-9514

San Joaquin River Club
the Kitchen (Corner of Deodara Dr and Joaquin Way)
30000 Kasson Rd
Tracy Ca 95304-9556

Harbin Residence
1106 Brandywine Dr
Lodi Ca 95240-7420

Larch Clover Community Center
Main Room
11157 W Larch Rd
Tracy Ca 95304-1505

Lammersville Elementary School
16555 Von Sosten Rd
Tracy Ca 95304-7220

French Camp McKinley Fire District
Conference Room
310 E French Camp Rd
French Camp Ca 95231-9616

Lathrop-Manteca Fire Station 33
9121 E Lathrop Rd
Manteca, Ca 95336-8218

Lathrop-Manteca Fire Station 32
22701 S Union Rd
Manteca, Ca 95337-8855

South San Joaquin Irrigation Dist
11011 E Highway 120
Manteca Ca 95336-9751

Ripon Fire Station 2
Main Room
18800 S Murphy Rd
Ripon Ca 95366-9725

Van Allen Elementary School
the Old Cafeteria
21051 State Highway 120
Escalon Ca 95320-9798

True Light Apostolic Faith Church
Wing Room
3423 Horner Ave
Stockton Ca 95205-6620

Wine & Roses
2505 W Turner Rd
Lodi Ca 95242-4643

Lodi Grape Festival
Burgundy Hall
413 E Lockeford St
Lodi Ca 95240-2334

Mosswood Park Church of God
2315 S Lincoln St
Stockton Ca 95206-3056

Creekside Elementary School
Multi-Purpose Room
2515 Estate Dr
Stockton Ca 95209-1185

Calvary Church Lodi
2301 W Lodi Ave
Lodi Ca 95242-3227

Mable Barron School
6835 Cumberland Pl
Stockton Ca 95219-3238

Madison Elementary School
Multi Purpose Room
2939 Mission Rd
Stockton Ca 95204-4150

Jefferson Elementary School
Room 401
7500 W Linne Rd
Tracy Ca 95304-9278

Louis A Bohn School
Multi Use Room/Stage
350 E Mount Diablo Ave
Tracy Ca 95376-4621

Masonic Temple
Multi Purpose Room
1601 N Tracy Blvd
Tracy Ca 95376-2937

the Bridge At Stockton
703 E Swain Rd
Stockton Ca 95207-3146

Kennedy Elementary School
Multi Purpose Room
630 Ponce De Leon Ave
Stockton Ca 95210-1821

Victory Elementary School
Multi Purpose Room
1838 W Rose St
Stockton Ca 95203-1406

Stockton Fire Station 6
1501 Picardy Dr
Stockton Ca 95203-2018

New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church
Lunch Room
1439 Michael Ave
Stockton Ca 95206-3526

Stockton Baptist Church
Spanish Auditorium
5480 N Highway 99
Stockton Ca 95212-1106

First Baptist Church - Linden
Room 8
17580 E Highway 26
Linden Ca 95236-9576

Lodi Fire Station 3
2141 S Ham Ln
Lodi Ca 95242-4541

Tracy Community Church
Choir Room
1790 Sequoia Blvd
Tracy Ca 95376-4329

First Congregational Church of Stockton
Wallingford Conference Room
3409 Brookside Rd
Stockton CA 95219-1757

Stockton Fire Station 14
Community Room
3019 McNabb St
Stockton Ca 95209-4158

Journey Church
Dining Room
444 Argonaut St
Manteca Ca 95336-3607

Stockton Fire Station 4
5525 Pacific Ave
Stockton Ca 95207-5615

Wagner-Holt Elementary School
8778 Brattle Pl
Stockton Ca 95209-4850

Zion Lutheran Church
Fireside Room
808 Porter Ave
Stockton Ca 95207-4208

Stockton Fire Station 11
Bay - Parking Off Tam O Shanter Dr
1211 E Swain Rd
Stockton Ca 95210-3315

St Mark's United Methodist Church
Fellowship Hall
306 E Clay St
Stockton Ca 95206-1436

Oakmont of Brookside
Activity Room
3318 Brookside Rd
Stockton Ca 95219-2343

Rio Las Palmas
Mail Room
877 E March Ln
Stockton Ca 95207-5800

Linden High School
Multi Purpose Room
18527 E Front St
Linden Ca 95236-9703

Hilliard Residence
2190 Seville Dr
Tracy Ca 95377-8957

Stella Brockman Elem Sch
Cafeteria/Multipurpose Room
763 Silverado Dr
Manteca Ca 95337-6651

Van Buskirk Neighborhood Center
Teen Room
734 Houston Ave
Stockton CA 95206-2967

Lodi Community Center
Recreation Room
415 S Sacramento St
Lodi Ca 95240-4008

Tracy High School
Theater Foyer
315 E 11th St
Tracy Ca 95376-4017

Regnart Residence
3498 Grandi Cir
Stockton Ca 95209--3913

Banta Elementary School
Multipurpose Room
22345 El Rancho Rd
Tracy Ca 95304-9413

San Joaquin Elementary School
Cafeteria/Multi Purpose Room
2020 S Fresno Ave
Stockton Ca 95206-4633

St Basil Church
Social Hall
920 W March Ln
Stockton Ca 95207-6209

Joseph Widmer Jr School
Cafeteria Lobby
751 Stonebridge Ln
Lathrop Ca 95330-8928

Seifert Center
Room 2
128 W Benjamin Holt Dr
Stockton Ca 95207-2853

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