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Contra Costa, Alameda County, CA June 5, 2012 Election
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Why Socialism? (Part 2)

By Eugene E. Ruyle

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 15

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The steps for creating a new socialist world.
The first steps in creating this new world involve addressing the problems created by present day capitalism. By organizing around specific issues we are creating a new world within the womb of the old.

SHUT DOWN THE WAR MACHINE End the so-called "War on Terror" and "War on Drugs." Put the Merchants of Death out of business. Abolish nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. Shutting down the war machine is a practical demonstration of our solidarity with workers, peasants, and indigenous peoples around the world

GUARANTEED EMPLOYMENT WITH DECENT INCOMES We need a Second Bill of Rights that recognizes our right to jobs, homes, free health care, and free education from preschool to graduate school. Everyone who wants to work should be able to find work.

NO COMPROMISE IN DEFENSE OF OUR MOTHER EARTH. Stop treating the Earth as raw material for the profit system. End our dependence on fossil fuels and move to sustainable energy systems. Stop pollution for profit. Build a free and comfortable mass transit system. Abolish fossil fuels and capitalism. Think solar socialism.

REGISTER, VOTE, & ORGANIZE WITH THE PEACE & FREEDOM PARTY We recognize that socialism cannot be built in the United States alone or by electoral means alone. That's why we are involved in mass organization and direct action in neighborhoods, workplaces, unions and the armed forces everywhere. As the California electoral arm of a much larger global movement for peace and justice, we support Justice for Oscar Grant in Oakland and Justice for Palestinians in Gaza, we support the Sandinistas in Chiapas and the Bolivarian Revolution throughout South America, we support marriage rights for gays & lesbians and reproductive rights for all women, we support the rights of immigrant workers in Arizona and the rights of our Mother Earth everywhere. We must protect humans and other living beings threatened by BP in the Gulf of Mexico, by Shell Oil in Nigeria, and by capitalism everywhere.

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