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Why You Should Vote for Mary Larkin

By Mary V. Larkin

Candidate for United States Representative; District 17

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The USA isn't perfect; no civilization ever has been. However, in a short time we were able to create a society that was relatively free, tolerant, self-sufficient and just. I believe most Americans want the same things but we've lost our ability for civil discussion and understanding. Each side is dug in and someone has to show them how we really have the same values and the same villians to fight. I would like to help make that happen so we can all be on the same team again.
Not many people in this country seem to think our government is working for us anymore. I think we all agree there are serious problems. Unfortunately there are many people who think the government can solve all of our problems. They actually want bigger government. We HAVE a very big government right now, bigger than ever, and it is not working. In fact, Big Government IS the problem. I am not an anarchist but I believe that anytime you give too much power to any one person or group you are setting yourself up to be a victim of tyranny. The cliche "power corrupts" is a cliche because it is true. The world has seen so many examples of it that it seems stupid to even utter it. It's like announcing that the world is round like you just figured it out.

So if we all know that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, how come there are people who still trust their government leaders? It is not smart to put blind faith in someone who can dramatically affect the quality of your life. We are safer if we have a small government strictly limited to protecting our basic safety and legal contracts as outlined in the Constitution. (By the way this does not include protecting us from the calories of fast food....) Most of the horrors of history were done by governments, often to their own people. Do you believe our leaders are immune from the same temptations and weaknesses?

I have been a Libertarian for ~ 20 years now. If you have ambitions in politics you do not become a Libertarian; it is very difficult to get elected. I am not running for office because I want to be a politician. After hours and hours of having to hear me lecture them on the state of politics and freedom, my poor friends and family usually suggest I run for office. I never wanted any part of it. This time I was asked to run by the party. The disastrous health care and Cap and Trade bills were heavily in the news and I watched helplessly as I saw my country teeter on the edge of the abyss. I could not say no. So here I am.

Things are bad but we can fix them. There are many solutions, few of them require more from the government then getting out of our way. I challenge you to go to a small business and ask them about all the laws and costs that make it so hard to have a business. Do you think the government can support us all? Who is going to pay for that? The rich? Like John Galt they will just stop and they should. You have no more right to someone else's profits than they have a right to yours. That was one reason why slavery was banished. Somehow entitlement supporters recognize that it is wrong to force a black person to work for you but it is OK to force a rich person who creates jobs, helpful products and most of the tax revenue to work for you. That doesn't make sense.

I am not rich and never will be. That's OK. I know I have to work hard for my living; that's normal. Do you see any animals doing nothing; letting other animals do all the work for them? No, it is not normal. Everyone feels better when they are contributing; that's what is natural.

If you feel you are in an oppressed group like homosexuals I'll tell you why you should vote for me. I don't care that you are gay or lesbian. I'm not for you and I'm not against you because of your sexuality, color or ethnicity. I care about individuals. I believe everyone should have freedom if they are not hurting someone else. I believe there should be less laws, not more and less government oversight. If you help create a bigger government, remember that one day that power could be used against you if it becomes fashionable. What have your Democratic leaders really done for you?

If you are a conservative, religious person here is why you should vote for me. Less government means more freedom. How can someone develop character when there are no consequences to your actions? You cannot celebrate or achieve piety if you do not have free choice. A relationship with God should not be taken for granted. If there are no consequences for your actions then free will is irrelevant, righteousness is irrelevant. Who wants to live in that creepy, boring, suffocating spiritual void? Let's not forget the attempt to destroy religion in this country by essentially outlawing religious icons and holidays (especially Christian) from everyday life. Religion is part of the history of this country. Although I'm not involved with any organized religion, I do not want this aspect of our culture erased. It is not a good idea and no one has a right to do it.

Now if you are just Joe Shmo who wants a decent job and a country that is not always tearing itself apart with its differences I am right behind you. This is what freedom brings. Freedom offers economic prosperity, personal and religious choice, and good neighbors. WHO DOESN'T WANT THESE THINGS?? If you want big government you must ask yourself "Why am I such a bully?" None of us have the right to tell others how to live their life if they are not hurting someone. This includes almost everything the government does because it always restricts freedom and costs money. If you support programs that raise taxes, guess what, you are telling someone else how to live their life. Everyone has a right to take care of themselves, their family and their community in the way that they see fit; not necessarily your way. When you take away the money they've earned you are taking away their choices. That's not right.

This is the basic tenet of the Libertarian Party; also the understanding that free markets are more natural and serve people better. Governments create monopolies and that never helps anyone except the head of the monopoly and its investors and the government official that allowed it. I support freedom and prosperity.

I have my family and if I have my freedom also I don't need much more. Although I'm sure there would be temptations, I couldn't live with myself if I betrayed my family, my country and my principles. It is very sad that no one trusts our leaders anymore. That's why government must stay small, nealy all of us can be coerced. That's my goal. I'm a hard worker and a good problem solver. I can see things for what they are and I can handle scorn. Please vote for me in November 2010 and let's fix our country.

Sincerely, Mary Larkin

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