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Los Angeles County, CA April 13, 2010 Election
Measure Lancaster-M
Term of Mayor
City of Lancaster

Ordinance - Majority Approval Required
Final Results

Pass: 7168 / 55.4% Yes votes ...... 5768 / 44.6% No votes

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Shall the term of office of the Mayor be four years, commencing in 2012?

Impartial Analysis from City Attorney
The City Council of the City of Lancaster on November 10, 2009, adopted Resolution 09-103 submitting Measure M to the voters at the general municipal election to be held on April 13, 2010. The ballot measure asks whether the term of the Mayor of the City of Lancaster should be changed to four (4) years, beginning with the term of the Mayor elected in 2012.

On November 7, 1995 the voters approved the direct election of the Mayor of the City and approved a two-year term. Beginning with the April, 1996 election, the Mayor of the City has been elected to a two-year term while members of the City Council are elected to four (4) year terms. State law provides that once the voters have approved a directly elected Mayor, they may approve a change in term to either two years or four years.

In order for Measure M to be approved, a majority of the votes cast must be in favor of the Measure. If Measure M is passed, the Mayor of the City would be elected to a four-year term, beginning with the election of April 10, 2012.

  Official Information

City of Lancaster
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Arguments For Measure Lancaster-M
Most cities of Lancaster's size have a four-year term for their Mayors. It provides GREATER STABILITY to attract new employers and jobs, as well as improved LONGTERM PLANNING for our City's future.

Measure M will promote MORE LEADERSHIP and LESS POLITICS at City Hall by providing a four-year elected term of office for the Office of Mayor.

Measure M will SAVE TAXPAYER'S MONEY by reducing the cost of city elections.

Measure M will CUT THE POLITICAL SQUABBLING at City Hall by enabling our Mayor to govern in a more thoughtful manner instead of having to constantly campaign for re-election.

Measure M will REDUCE THE INFLUENCE OF SPECIAL INTERESTS by making our Mayor more independent of campaigns and politics.

A two-year Mayor term made sense when Lancaster was a smaller community. Now that Lancaster has grown into a dynamic regional city, a four-year term will better help us to achieve our economic potential while protecting Lancaster's family-friendly quality of life.

As former Lancaster Mayors, we urge you to join with us in VOTING YES on MEASURE M.

Lou Bozigian
Former Mayor

George Runner
Former Mayor

Bishop Henry Hearns
Mayor Emeritus

(No arguments against Measure Lancaster-M were submitted)

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