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Los Angeles County, CA April 13, 2010 Election
Measure Lancaster-I
Invocation Policy
City of Lancaster

Ordinance - Majority Approval Required
Final Results

Pass: 9765 / 75.8% Yes votes ...... 3116 / 24.2% No votes

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In response to a recent complaint, with respect to the invocations that contained reference to Jesus Christ, shall the City Council continue its invocation policy in randomly selecting local clergy of different faiths to deliver the invocation without restricting the content based on their beliefs, including references to Jesus Christ?

Impartial Analysis from City Attorney
The City Council (the "City Council") of the City of Lancaster (the "City"), on November 10, 2009 adopted Resolution 09-103 submitting Measure I to the voters at the General Municipal Election to be held on April 13, 2010. The ballot measure asks whether the City Council should continue to follow its adopted invocation policy. This policy provides that the City Clerk shall maintain a list of representatives of all religious organizations with an established presence in the community and shall select on a random basis individuals to provide the invocation at each meeting of the City Council and Planning Commission. Provided that the invocation is not used to convert others to a particular faith or disparage any faith or belief different than that of the speaker, the individual selected is free to offer the invocation according to the dictates of their own conscience and may include references to a particular deity. This policy is consistent with the holding of the U.S. Supreme Court in Marsh v. Chambers and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Pelphrey v. Cobb County

In order for Measure I to be approved, a majority of the votes cast must be in favor of the Measure.

  Official Information

City of Lancaster
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Arguments For Measure Lancaster-I
Our Nation was founded on Godly principles.

This is evident in the public and private writings of our Founding Fathers, and in the documents that established this GREAT NATION.

"Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are a gift of God?" -- Thomas Jefferson

After ratifying the Constitution of the United States of America, Congress was so resolute to protect the people from the abuse of power by the government and secure their unalienable rights, that on December 15, 1791 they ratified 10 amendments -- THE BILL OF RIGHTS.

The FIRST AMENDMENT starts with the FREEDOM OF RELIGION. It specifically states that

"Congress shall make no law...prohibiting the FREE EXERCISE" of religion.

Asking for DIVINE GUIDANCE during PUBLIC PRAYER has been an integral part of government ceremony since the formation of our Nation; including the INAUGURATION OF THE PRESIDENT, and the opening sessions of the SUPREME COURT and CONGRESS.

"Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, ... and humbly to implore His protection and favor..." -- George Washington

The City Council of Lancaster has a long history of opening the public meeting with prayer.

It is every INDIVIDUAL'S RIGHT to pray in accordance with their own convictions and beliefs; and to pray to the deity of their own choosing, including in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

There are those who are trying to rewrite history, and are working to take YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF RELIGION and FREE EXERCISE away.



Paul W. Chappell

Ronald D. Smith
Vice Mayor

Sharon Runner
Former Assemblywoman

David M. Prather

R. Rex Parris

(No arguments against Measure Lancaster-I were submitted)

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