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Westchester County, NY November 3, 2009 Election
Smart Voter

Providing the community with safe streets, safe city,

By Roberta L. "Bobbie" (Pucci) Apuzzo

Candidate for Council Member; City of Mount Vernon; 4 Year Term Ending 2013

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Quality of life issues rank paramount in any city. To be a community for anyone to want to live in, it must be safe.
Quality of life issues can be looked at in many ways.At the very base of the spectrum one might look at a street lamp that is out, a broken window, especially in a neighborhood that is unkempt,pot holes in the streets and on the sidewalks. These small yet very important issues can lead to crime and violent acts. When ligths are out criminals can lurk in the dark,without being noticed. When broken windows appear,very often there is neglect and soon another window will be broken. Crime occurs in areas that are viewed as undesirable, where people are indifferent, living with disorder and in chaotic conditions. To Provide a city with safe streets promoting a safe city it is my belief we need to target high crime areas with an message that the criminals need to fear us not the community fearing the criminal. Working together the police and community can make a difference. The community needs to band together to form block associations, reporting any illegal activity, and the criminal needs to know that the city is going to get tough on them. Beautification of the city should also be a high priority to provide the aesthetic surroundings that the citizens deserve. Beauty begets beauty, and criminals do not want to be around beautiful things. Making them feel out of their element. I believe that we can, as a city, set goals, to become an even greater city than we already are. Mount Vernon is a city with strong people who care about their homes and surroundings. As a city, we need to get tough on crime, beautify our city, encourage citizen participation, and have effective, efficient leadership propel us towards a bright future for our city, Mount Vernon.

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