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Kern County, CA November 4, 2008 Election
Directory of Kern County, CA Measures
County Results as of Nov 25 1:16pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (588/588)
75.8% Countywide Voter Turnout (235,854/311,137)

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Measure G. Bond -- Mojave Unified School Facilities Improvement District 2 (55% Approval Required)
Pass: 804 / 70.22% Yes votes ...... 341 / 29.78% No votes
To acquire, construct, and improve classrooms and facilities in Mojave, including improving fire alarm and plumbing systems, and improving access to modern technology at Mojave Elementary, and improving vocational education facilities at Mojave High, shall the Mojave Unified School District be authorized to issue $14,000,000 in bonds at legal interest rates with annual audits, a citizens' oversight committee, and no money for teacher salaries?

Measure H. Bond -- Southern Kern Unified School District (55% Approval Required)
Pass: 4089 / 68.07% Yes votes ...... 1918 / 31.93% No votes
To provide excellent schools for all local students, shall the Southern Kern Unified School District be authorized to acquire, construct and improve school facilities, including classrooms to reduce student overcrowding, replacing portables with permanent classrooms, adding libraries, science and computer labs, improving school safety and becoming eligible for additional state funding by issuing $24,000,000 in bonds at legal interest rates, with annual audits, and independent citizens' oversight committee, and no money for administrative salaries?

Measure I. Bond -- Lakeside Union School District (55% Approval Required)
Pass: 2179 / 76.86% Yes votes ...... 656 / 23.14% No votes
To improve the local quality of education, student learning and safety in neighborhood schools, shall Lakeside Union School District upgrade classroom computers, technology, science space, and equipment, improve school safety/security, repair/replace deteriorated roofs, plumbing, lighting, electrical and building systems, and replace the existing special tax by issuing $22,500,000 in bonds at legal rates, qualifying for State matching funds, with mandatory audits, independent citizens' oversight, no administrator salaries, and all funds benefiting Lakeside and Suburu School communities?

Measure J. Bond -- Richland School District (55% Approval Required)
Pass: 2469 / 71.30% Yes votes ...... 994 / 28.70% No votes
To improve educational opportunities, increase safety in our schools and qualify for State matching funds: shall the Richland School District issue $23 million in bonds, providing for a citizens' oversight committee, annual audits, interest rates below legal limits, and no money for salaries or school operating expenses, in order to renovate existing school buildings, update technology, purchase land and construct a new elementary school, with all money raised benefitting our local students?

Measure K. Paramedic Training -- County Service Area 40, Pine Mountain Club Zone of Benefit 1 (Parcel Tax - 2/3 Approval Required)
Pass: 874 / 75.41% Yes votes ...... 285 / 24.59% No votes
In order to provide funding for firefighter paramedic services within County Service Area No. 40 (Pine Mountain Club) shall Ordinance G-7748 providing for a parcel tax on all parcels within County Service Area No. 40 at the annual rate of $70 for Fiscal Year 2009-2010 and establishing the formula for setting the tax for future years be enacted?

Measure L. City Sales Tax -- City of Arvin (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 1498 / 71.57% Yes votes ...... 595 / 28.43% No votes
To preserve public safety and prevent cuts to essential City services by expanding school gang/drug prevention programs; hiring additional police, including school officers; reducing 9-1-1 response times; repairing storm drains to prevent flooding; removing more graffiti/trash/litter; repairing potholes/streets; maintaining parks, youth recreation, and other general city services; should the city sales tax be increased by one cent requiring annual financial audits and public review of expenditures?

Measure N. Special Transaction and Use Tax -- City of Ridgecrest (2/3 Approval Required)
Fail: 6241 / 56.52% Yes votes ...... 4801 / 43.48% No votes
Shall an ordinance be approved that adopts a special transactions and use tax to pay for specific street improvements at the rate of three quarters of a percent (3/4%) of the retail sales price, to be administered by the California State Board of Equalization, to terminate 10 years following activation, and to include an Ad Hoc Citizens Advisory Committee?

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