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State of Pennsylvania April 22, 2008 Election
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The Right to Life

By Keith Richardson

Candidate for US Representative; District 5; Republican Party

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Keith Richardson is staunchly pro-life, and has practiced what he preaches.
It goes to the heart of all other issues, our view of human life. Does every life have value and intrinsic worth at all stages, from conception to natural death, or are there exceptions? Does an ultrasound reveal anything less than a person entitled to protection and equality under the law? Is the "right to life" which is foundational to our Declaration of Independence guaranteed to most, but not all, Americans? The answers to these questions go far beyond the core of a candidate's political and moral philosophy, touching the very heart of a person's identity and worldview.

Keith Richardson is pro-life. He is the father of nine children. Seven of those children were adopted from abusive and neglectful backgrounds. Four of those children are "special needs" kids. As an outspoken advocate on human life issues, he believes the goal of government is to promote a culture that makes sure every life is considered valuable and protected under the law.

As congressman, Keith will support the following life-affirming public policies and principles:

  • Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided and should be overturned.
  • Congress should support a constitutional amendment to protect human life, and individual states should move to extend legal rights and protections to unborn children.
  • Research on embryonic stem cells should be prohibited.
  • Sound medical science and bioethics should inform public policy decisions.
  • The president should appoint federal judges who hold to a strict constructionist view of the Constitution.

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