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State of Pennsylvania April 22, 2008 Election
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By Dennis Morrison-Wesley, Sr

Candidate for State Treasurer; State of Pennsylvania; Democratic Party

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I am the Middle-Class American. I have worked two jobs to make ends meet. I have struggled to put my two kids through college. I have never forgotten that I am an American, but many of our business leaders in my opinion have.

Let me start with the premise that I believe in Capitalism and Free Trade, as long as it is fair trade. I, also, believe that a German Capitalist would never forget that he or she is German. I, also, believe that a Japanese Capitalist, a French Capitalist, or a Chinese Capitalist would never forget about the their country. I, further, believe that an English Capitalist would never forget about Mother England, when it comes to business decisions that benefit their country.

Why is it that American Capitalists always forget about America? I, truly, believe that American business people do forget from whence they came, how they got there, or who helped them make the journey. As with any statement of belief, this is not applicable to all American business people. I, whole heartedly, believe that there should not be any legal obstacles against their foolishness.

Let's take a look back to the days of South African Apartheid. The American people, of all colors, broke the back of Apartheid; not by guns or bullets, but by the power of the investment dollar. College investment boards from Yale to Community Colleges, big cities, little cities, State governments, and little towns said we would not invest in companies that do business in South Africa, but until the stockholders said no, nothing happened. As a registered Investment Advisor, I fully understand the rights and power of the stockholder.

I am running to start a new social movement. Defeating Apartheid was good for the world, but as PA State Treasurer, I will be good for PA and America. I want to force American Businesses, not by law, but by the power of the stockholder vote, to start taking stock in the American people and the U. S. economy. This is not an abstract illusion, but a realistic possibility in the lives of American people. I hope what I do as Pa. State Treasurer slows down, the exporting of jobs over seas by making companies pay a price, in the stock market.

My most important job as PA State Treasurer is to seek good returns on the invested dollars of the PA citizens. My order of investment would be first in PA, secondly in the United States, and lastly in the International market. When we can get the same monetary return from a company in PA as a company outside of PA, then PA will get the fair advantage, if we invest in PA first. The same can be said about a company in the United States. If the U.S. Company will give the same return, then we should invest in that company before going to the International market, because the Pa. or U.S. Company must and will get a fair advantage.

It is time to change the mindset of American Global Companies for the benefit of PA and the U.S., as we citizens (by virtual of our power of the stockholders vote in these companies). It, after all, is about jobs and monetary return for PA, and the United States.

To change things its not about laws or regulations but stockholder right! Our rights as it are our money being invested.

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