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To vote on November 7 you must have registered by October 23.

Learn how new laws affect you and your vote:

  • When you register to vote for the first time, you must provide a driver's license or other identification number. If you re-register and have not previously had your identification number verified by an elections official, you must include identification information.
  • Many counties may have new voting equipment. See a list of counties and their voting equipment. New voting systems permit voters with disabilities to vote privately and independently and facilitate voting by members of minority language communities. All voting systems must pass strict tests.
  • If you registered to vote after January 2003 and did not include an acceptable identification number on your registration form, you may have to show identification at the polling place. Be safe and take one of the following with you: California driver's license or ID or a copy of a current utility bill, paycheck or government document that shows your name and current residential address.
  • If you vote with a "provisional ballot" because your name was not on the list at your polling place, you will be able to find out if your vote was counted. Each county in California has a free process to notify voters whether their ballot was counted or not and, if not, why the ballot was not eligible. To find your county's Free Access System Web site or toll-free telephone number, see this PDF file: Provisional Voting Free Access System.
  • Polling place workers are trained to help you identify and correct specified errors in voting.

See "How to Vote in California" frequently asked questions for more information about voting.

See also "What's New" from the Secretary of State (PDF file).

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