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California State Government November 7, 2006 Election
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The Deficit, Debt and Your Taxes Should Be Lower Each Year

By Donna Tello

Candidate for Controller; State of California

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When your elected representatives are not reducing the State debt and deficit, and lowering the taxpayer's income tax bill every year, I'd say that your representatives are not doing their job.

Each year not only the Federal deficit, but the State deficit rises. I want to see this pattern ended, and I'd like to be in a position to steadily reduce the debt, the deficit, and taxes upon California taxpayers in every area.

Tax revenue does not materialize like magical pots of gold; it is slowly plucked at an ever increasing rate from taxpayers who are too busy working to earn a living to have the time to notice how much of their earnings never make it to their own bank accounts, and who are too busy to oversee the spending of their tax dollars. How many times a year do you ask yourself where your earnings disappeared? How many times do you notice the difference between your gross pay and the amount of your paycheck?

As your State Controller it would be my goal to audit State department and program financial statements with an eye to spotting and eliminating waste, increasing efficiency and economy, and making California the healthiest state economy in the nation, and the best provider of services to its citizens.

It is my intent to protect the economic freedoms and health of every taxpayer, as well as personal freedoms and benefits.

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