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California State Government November 7, 2006 Election
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Contributions to candidates

By Gail K. Lightfoot

Candidate for Secretary of State; State of California

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Rights of individuals to help candidates
I firmly believe that we each have an individual right to help a friend, neighbor, family member or any other candidate for any elective office by contibuting to their campaign.

Individuals (NOT corporations, unions, PACs) should be able to give their personal contributions to any candidate without limits.

After all, it is their money. They earned it, they can spend it however they wish.

As long as campaign committees open their 'books' to those who ask for information, they should be free to accept contribtions from one and all.

If the Voter Pamphlet gave enough information to the voters, candidates unable to spend their way into office might be elected and all those contributions would become meaningless.

Meanwhile the real way to stop the buying of politicians is to reduce their power to grant special privleges to the few who contribute to their campaigns. In other words, we need less government power and more individual responsibility as solutions to the problems of our society.

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