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State of New York November 8, 2005 Election
Proposition 2
Preservation, Renewal and Improvement of Transportation
State of New York

Bond Act

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To promote and assure the preservation, renewal and improvement of the state's roads and bridges; subways, trains and buses; waterways and airports; and other vital transportation systems, facilities and equipment for the benefit of the people of the state, shall section one of part I of chapter 60 of the laws of two thousand five, enacted and constituting the "REBUILD AND RENEW NEW YORK TRANSPORTATION BOND ACT OF 2005" authorizing the creation of a state debt in the amount of two billion nine hundred million dollars ($2,900,000,000) for the construction, improvement, reconditioning and preservation of transportation systems and facilities, including the acquisition of equipment be approved?

Meaning of Voting Yes/No
A YES vote on this measure means:
What will this proposal do if approved? The purpose of the proposal is to authorize a state debt and the sale of state bonds of up to two billion nine hundred million dollars ($2,900,000,000) to provide money for the purpose of improving, enhancing, preserving, and restoring the quality of the state's transportation infrastructure. Half would be used to improve public transportation, the other half for roads and bridges. The money would be for the planning and design, construction, reconstruction, replacement, improvement, reconditioning, rehabilitation and preservation of roads, bridges and public highways, border crossing enhancements; highway-railroad grade crossings; pedestrian and bicycle trails and pathways; rail and high speed rail projects; airports and aviation facilities, equipment and related projects; the canal system and incidental property; ports, marine terminals and marine transportation facilities; urban, commuter, and intercity passenger rail, freight rail, and intermodal (multi-mode) passenger and freight facilities and equipment; urban and commuter passenger and freight rail, omnibus, and mass transit and rapid transit systems, facilities and equipment. The state Legislature would be authorized to use the bond proceeds for state programs or state grants to cities, counties, towns, villages, public benefit or other public corporations or authorities, for the purpose of the act or to match available federal funds for such purpose.

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Arguments For Proposition 2 Arguments Against Proposition 2
Arguments for: Proponents of the Transportation Bond Act of 2005 say:
  • it will contribute to the state's economic recovery;
  • it will pay for itself through the creation of construction jobs and increased commerce;
  • it is needed to provide the state's share of the cost of certain important projects in order to qualify for the federal government's contribution towards those projects;
  • with less funding coming from the federal government, it provides an opportunity to rebuild NY's infrastructure and maintain its economic viability for years to come.

Arguments Against: Opponents to the Transportation Bond Act of 2005 say:
  • it is not fiscally responsible;
  • there is already a dedicated highway trust fund designed to pay for many of these projects; a more sound approach would be a constitutional amendment to prohibit state government from using these dedicated funds for other purposes;
  • approval would lead to increased taxes;
  • it would be stealing from the future to pay for today's costs.

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