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Los Angeles County, CA April 5, 2005 Election
Measure CharterAmendment-21
Vote on Sale of City Property Over Five Acres
City of Glendale

Charter Amendment

12,731 / 80.9% Yes votes ...... 3012 / 19.1% No votes

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Shall Article VI, Section 15 of the Charter of the City of Glendale be amended to require a vote of the people for the sale of any city owned SR (Special Recreation) zoned property of five acres or more, or property dedicated to park land of five acres or more, excepting easements and transfers to other public agencies with limitations?

Impartial Analysis from City Attorney Scott H. Howard
The current Charter only requires a four-fifths (4/5) vote of the council to sell city owned real property. The proposed amendment would require a vote of the people to sell open space, recreational land, or park land of five or more acres. This preserves the ability of the city council to sell small remnant parcels to clear title, eliminate liability or maintenance issues, or where the property is no longer needed, but would prohibit the council from selling larger parcels of five or more acres, without the voters approving the sale. The council would still be able to lease property by a four-fifths (4/5) vote or convey property which was acquired jointly with another public agency where the terms of the acquisition require transfer to that agency.

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Arguments For Measure CharterAmendment-21
The city council has acquired large significant parcels of property to preserve as recreational/open space for the people of the city. It is important that the property be protected from possible future sale without the voters approving the sale. This amendment would require that the voters approve the sale of larger parcels of five (5) or more acres of open space land, whether it be a single parcel or adjoining parcels which together equal or exceed five acres. Example: if there are two large adjoining parcels of open space of 50 acres each, the sale of three (3) acres of one and three (3) acres of the other would require a vote of the people as the total acreage of the adjoining parcels to be sold would exceed the five acre threshold. As another example if only two (2) acres of one parcel and two (2) acres of the other were proposed for sale a vote of the people would not be required. However, if at some future date it was proposed to sell another two (2) acres of either parcel, a vote of the people would be required for the sale of the additional two (2) acres. The sale of a single parcel of five acres or more would require a vote of the people. This measure will help ensure that larger parcels of recreational/open space will be preserved for current and future generations.


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