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San Joaquin County, CA November 2, 2004 Election
Directory of San Joaquin County, CA Measures
County Results as of Dec 30 3:03pm, 100% of Precincts Reporting (527/527)
69.2% Countywide Voter Turnout (191,741/276,939)

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Measure E. Local Community College Repair/Overcrowding Measure -- Yosemite Community College District (General Obligation Bond Election - 55%)
87,523 / 62.2% Yes votes ...... 53,185 / 37.8% No votes
   84,403 (62.62%) Yes / 50,388 (37.38%) No in Stanislaus County
   Yes / No in Santa Clara County
   3120 (52.7%) Yes / 2797 (47.3%) No in San Joaquin County
To prepare Modesto Junior College and Columbia College students for jobs and four-year colleges, repair buildings, and increase access to educational opportunities by repairing, constructing, equipping buildings, classrooms, libraries, science labs, establishing new and expanded college education centers in Turlock, Oakdale, Patterson and Calaveras County, and acquiring land, modernizing classroom technology, shall Yosemite Community College District issue $326,174,000 in bonds, at legal rates, with annual audits, a Citizens' Oversight Committee and no money for administrators' salaries?

Measure P. School Bond -- Lincoln Unified School District (Bond - 55%)
12065 / 71.3% Yes votes ...... 4860 / 28.7% No votes
To improve the quality of education, shall the Lincoln Unified School District be authorized to acquire, construct, and improve classrooms and school facilities; make health and safety improvements; construct and renovate school libraries; improve student access to classroom computers and modern technology; renovate restrooms; and qualify the District to receive $19 million in State grants by issuing $50 million in bonds within legal interest rates, with a citizens' oversight committee, annual audits, and NO money for administrator salaries?

Measure Q. Urban Growth Boundary Measure -- City of Stockton (Urban Growth Boundary Measure - Majority Approval Required)
33749 / 50.3% Yes votes ...... 33291 / 49.7% No votes
Shall the Stockton General Plan be amended to establish an Urban Growth Boundary that would, with limited exceptions, prohibit urban development outside the Urban Growth Boundary until June 30, 2024, unless approved by a majority of the voters; allow land outside the Boundary to be used for 'open space'; and adopt a General Plan Policy to encourage the Lodi City Council to adopt a policy to maintain a community separator?

Measure R. Large Retail Measure -- City of Lodi (Large-Scale Retail Initiative - Majority Approval Required)
8701 / 42.7% Yes votes ...... 11694 / 57.3% No votes
Shall the ordinance prohibiting the construction of new, rebuilt, or expanded retail structures in excess of 125,000 square feet (including outside retail sales areas) unless approved by the City Council and a majority of the voters voting at a city wide election be adopted?

Measure S. Agricultural Protection Ordinance Measure -- City of Stockton (Agricultural Protection Ordinance Measure - Majority Approval Required)
42880 / 65.1% Yes votes ...... 22995 / 34.9% No votes
Shall an Ordinance be approved to amend the Stockton Municipal Code to create a Greenbelt between Stockton and Lodi and to provide regulations to protect and promote farming operations?

Measure T. Stockton Greenbelt Measure -- City of Stockton (Stockton Greenbelt Measure - Majority Approval Required)
31508 / 48.5% Yes votes ...... 33484 / 51.5% No votes
Shall the City of Stockton be required to adopt a Greenbelt Master Plan on or before June 30, 2006, and to establish a Financing Implementatin Plan to provide funds to compensate property owners affected by the Greenbelt Master Plan?

Measure U. Tracy Hills Growth Measure -- City of Tracy (Amendment to the Growth Management Ordinance relating to the Tracy Hills Area - Majority Approval Required)
6399 / 29.5% Yes votes ...... 15260 / 70.5% No votes
Shall amendments to the Residential Growth Management Plan (also known as the Growth Management Ordinance) be adopted to allow an annual allocation of up to 600 Residential Growth Allotments ("RGAs") and residential building permits ("permits") to the Tracy Hills Community Area, and the exclusion of those RGAs and permits from the existing annual allocation calculation, subject to dedication of proposed open space and park property, payment of proposed fees and applicable development regulations?

Measure V. Tracy Residential Growth Measure -- City of Tracy (Amendment to the City of Tracy General Plan and the Residential Growth Management Plan - Majority Approval Required)
9297 / 42.8% Yes votes ...... 12419 / 57.2% No votes
Shall the General Plan and the Residential Growth Management Ordinance be amended to: allow 250 Residential Growth Allotments ("RGAs") and residential building permits ("permits") in 2004 and 2005 for the Bowtie Property, and thereafter 250 RGAs and permits annually for the Ellis Transit Village; delete RGAs and permits issued to the Bowtie Property and the Ellis Transit Village from the existing annual allocation; and, if this measure receives more votes, shall it nullify Measure "U"

Measure W. Safe Neighborhood Gang And Drug Prevention, Police/Fire Response Measure -- City of Stockton (2/3 Approval Required)
50429 / 73.9% Yes votes ...... 17848 / 26.1% No votes
To prevent/reduce gang and drug-related crimes; improve the responsiveness of hazardous material/bomb squads; expand neighborhood-based policing with foot and bike patrols; provide additional firefighters, paramedics, police, and school resource officers; increase patrols around school and parks; and improve police/firefighter training, shall the City of Stockton enact a one-quarter cent sales tax with a citizen?s oversight committee and independent annual financial audit?

Measure X. Southeast Stockton Urban Growth Boundary Measure -- City of Stockton (Majority Approval Required)
44924 / 67.7% Yes votes ...... 21470 / 32.3% No votes
Shall the City of Stockton's General Plan be amended to include an area in Southeast Stockton (generally bounded by State Highway 4 to the north, Kaiser Road to the east, Arch Road to the south, and the existing Stockton city limits to the west) within an Urban Growth Boundary, if one is established?

Measure Y. Manteca Public Safety Measure -- City of Manteca (Special Public Safety Tax - 2/3 Approval Required)
3247 / 19.8% Yes votes ...... 13151 / 80.2% No votes
Shall Ordinance No. 1269, an Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Manteca adding Section 3.60 to the Manteca Municipal Code Enacting a Special Public Safety Parcel Tax be adopted?

Measure Z. Sales Tax -- City of Manteca (The City of Manteca .25% Transactions and Use Tax (Sales Tax) Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
3595 / 21.9% Yes votes ...... 12834 / 78.1% No votes
Shall Ordinance No. 1270, Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Manteca Imposing a 0.25% Transactions and Use (Sales) Tax to be Administered by the State Board of Equalization be Adopted?

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