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Illegals in America

By Connor Vlakancic

Candidate for United States Representative; District 17; Republican Party

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How America can resolve the national issue of illegal migrant workers.
A long time ago I grew to realize that: "PERFECT: is the enemy of GOOD".

An illegal migrant worker likely considers a "Green Card" PERFECT because it is currently the only fully legal means to provide the absolute assurance of freedom to come and go between America and one's homeland. However, because a Green Card comes bundled with so more than that, the idea of it, which means the unconditional amnesty of American citizenship, despite the past transgression of illegally entering the United States, is a hurdle which is impossible to jump over by most natural born Americans no matter how compassionate (or recognizing the vital importance to the US economy) they feel toward illegal migrant worker that work hard for little pay.

In America, there have often been stories of someone caught after many many years for having committed some sort of illegal conduct. Still they are apprehended and returned to be held accountable for their transgressions. Such people often developed into outstanding people in their communities, with unlimited numbers of people vouching for their integrity ... makes no difference. Accountability is in America's DNA and America suffers much when accountability is thwarted. This is much to do with our national frustration with politicians; "Fix the problem; don't fix the blame" is the worst brand of "Politics-as-Usual". "Fixing the problem" should be getting rid of the incompetent person who mismanages their public duty, and, still getting a fat government paycheck!

American's must have their reconciliation to heal! Ask anyone who has lost a loved one to the actions of a thug or even simply a careless person. Lawlessness is a national plague in America because our legal system lacks the reconciliation of a "Court of Equity".

So, here is the beginning of my vision that I will work on should I be your new Representative to Congress. To define and promote the means for legitimate, national, illegal migrant worker reconciliation to be accomplished by enlightened legislation in Congress. To PERMANENTLY enfranchise legal productive workers, assured of the freedom to come and go, without the burden of intractable national frustration.

This GOOD would deliver freedom from fear of the omnipresent imminent threat of a one-way south-bound bus ride. Finally able to work with pride and live as a human being with dignity. Perhaps someday when new national perspectives emerge, (remember Nixon), who know how much can grow from GOOD!

And American citizenship, well ... children born here will have that! Viva la Estados Unidos.

Connor Vlakancic, Pragmatic Republican Populist Candidate for Representative The 17th Congressional District of California

Be Curious - I will grow on you!

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