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San Francisco County, CA November 4, 2003 Election
Directory of San Francisco County, CA Measures
County Results as of Nov 14 10:58am, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (562/562)
45.7% Countywide Voter Turnout (209,723/459,213)

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Proposition A. School Maintenance and Improvement -- San Francisco Unified School District (Bond Issue)
139,814 / 70.59% Yes votes ...... 58,254 / 29.41% No votes
Shall the San Francisco Unified School District repair and rehabilitate its facilities to current accessibility, health, safety and instructional standards, replace worn-out plumbing, electrical and other major building systems, replace aging heating, ventilation and air handling systems, renovate outdated classrooms and other training facilities, construct facilities to replace bungalows, by issuing $295 million in bonds, at legal interest rates, with guaranteed annual audits, citizens' oversight and no money for school administrators' salaries?

Proposition B. Retirement Benefits for Safety Employees -- City of San Francisco (Charter Amendment)
125,142 / 66.83% Yes votes ...... 62,103 / 33.17% No votes
Shall the City be authorized to amend its contract with the Public Employees Retirement System for retirement benefits for certain safety employees if the employees pay any increase in cost?

Proposition C. City Services Auditor -- City of San Francisco (Charter Amendment)
133,879 / 70.57% Yes votes ...... 55,819 / 29.43% No votes
Shall the Controller be required to monitor City services, audit City programs, and investigate complaints, and shall the City set aside at least 0.2% of the annual budget to fund these activities?

Proposition D. Small Business Commission -- City of San Francisco (Charter Amendment)
104,922 / 55.92% Yes votes ...... 82,698 / 44.08% No votes
Shall the City be required to have a Small Business Commission to set policies affecting small businesses, with four members appointed by the Mayor and three members appointed by the Board of Supervisors?

Proposition E. Ethics Reform -- City of San Francisco (Charter Amendment)
114,010 / 61.94% Yes votes ...... 70,045 / 38.06% No votes
Shall the City consolidate its governmental ethics law in one code, amend some of those ethics laws, and create new ethics laws?

Proposition F. Early Retirement Benefits -- City of San Francisco (Charter Amendment)
128,112 / 67.58% Yes votes ...... 61,465 / 32.42% No votes
Shall the City allow some of its employees to retire early if they are in job classifications where individual positions are being eliminated because of the City's budget shortfall?

Proposition G. ECONOMIC STABILIZATION FUND (Rainy Day Reserve) -- City of San Francisco (Charter Amendment)
146,004 / 75.80% Yes votes ...... 46,605 / 24.20% No votes
Shall the City create a "rainy day" fund for money collected when there is an unusually large surplus, and for use in years when there is a revenue shortfall?

Proposition H. Police Commission/Office of Citizen Complaints -- City of San Francisco (Charter Amendment)
99,314 / 51.94% Yes votes ...... 91,900 / 48.06% No votes
Shall the City increase the size of the Police Commission and change how its members are appointed, and shall the Office of Citizen Complaints be authorized to file charges against police officers with the Police Commission?

Proposition I. Child Care for Low Income Families -- City of San Francisco (City Ordinance)
115,146 / 59.85% Yes votes ...... 77,256 / 40.15% No votes
Shall the City create a program to pay part of the cost of child care and preschool for families with income under a specified limit and with at least one child between three and five years old?

Proposition J. Facilities for the Homeless -- City of San Francisco (City Ordinance)
113,564 / 58.71% Yes votes ...... 79,871 / 41.29% No votes
Shall the City provide temporary shelter for homeless seniors, youth, families and disabled individuals that is separate from the temporary shelter provided to the general homeless population?

Proposition K. Sales Tax for Transportation -- City of San Francisco (City Ordinance - Two-thirds vote)
142,042 / 74.79% Yes votes ...... 47,879 / 25.21% No votes
Shall the City implement a 30-year New Transportation Expenditure Plan directing transportation sales tax funds to improved maintenance of local streets, transportation for the elderly and disabled, the Central Subway, a citywide network of fast and reliable buses, the Caltrain Extension to a new Transbay Terminal, improvements to pedestrian and bicycle safety and other projects and continue the existing half-cent sales tax during implementation of the New Transportation Expenditure Plan and future Plan updates?

Proposition L. Minimum Wage -- City of San Francisco (City Ordinance)
117,140 / 59.57% Yes votes ...... 79,498 / 40.43% No votes
Shall the City require employers to pay a minimum wage of $8.50 per hour (as adjusted for increases in the regional consumer price index) for work performed in San Francisco?

Proposition M. Aggressive Solicitation Ban -- City of San Francisco (City Ordinance)
117,405 / 59.66% Yes votes ...... 79,375 / 40.34% No votes
Shall the City replace its anti-begging and aggressive solicitation laws with a new, more specific law that bans solicitation in certain public places and aggressive solicitation in all public places?

Proposition N. Taxi Driver Disability -- City of San Francisco (City Ordinance)
52,326 / 28.01% Yes votes ...... 134,465 / 71.99% No votes
Shall the City be prohibited from taking away a taxi permit if the permit holder is unable, because of a disability, to drive the taxi the required minimum number of hours or shifts per year?

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