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"Fail-Safe Voting"

For the October 7 Recall Election, the Secretary of State has announced that any voter may vote at any polling place in the county of residence. This is because all voters in the state have exactly the same ballot. You will be voting "provisionally".

You will be asked to show identification with your name and your new address on it:

  • a California driver's license or California Identification Card with your new address
  • OR two of the following types of identification with your name and new address on it:
    • utility bill,
    • credit card
    • bank statement
    • property tax bill.

To be safe, have two forms of identification.

For a complete list of acceptable types of identification call your County Elections Official. If you do not have proof of residency you may vote only at the office of the County Elections Official.

More About Provisional Voting

If the poll workers check the roster and cannot locate your name and if you believe you are registered to vote you are entitled to a provisional ballot. Because registration is allowed up to 15 days prior to the election some registrations may be processed after the roster for that election has been printed and so some names may not appear on the list of registered voters at the polling place. You will be required to show proof of current residence in order to receive a provisional ballot. After you vote, your ballot will be placed in a special provisional ballot envelope and your vote will be counted if the county elections official can verify that you are, in fact, registered to vote.

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