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California State Government October 7, 2003 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for C. T. Weber

Candidate for
Recall of Gray Davis; State of California

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To balance the budget in California, I advocate: 1) stop contracting out job to private firms that state employees can do better for less money (it takes two to three times the amount to contract out and hire consultants for these jobs), 2) provide treatment and education rather than imprisonment for non-violent drug offenders (this could lead to the release of up to 50% of the prison population and close down prisons), 3) enact a split-roll property tax reform where residents would pay lower property taxes while large corporations would began to pay their fair share (most residents have moved or died since the passage of Proposition 13 while most large companies are in the same locations), and 4) increase the top income tax brackets (even if only the two top income tax brackets were restored to what they were under Reagan and Wilson.

If the minimum wage were doubled it would still not have the buying power of the minimum wage when it first appeared. Inflation has reduced the real buying power of the minimum wage. I advocate that we double the minimum wage and index it to the cost of living in order to avoid this situation in the future.

Eventually, after long years of struggle, I would like to see workers in the United States only work 30 hours a week instead of 40 hours with no loss in pay. More people would have to be hired. As a result we would have more consumers and more tax payers.

I need to let people know that I am opposed to the death penalty. The system is flawed and too many innocent people are on death roll. DNA test should be avaliable to all prisoners who request them.

When I attended the University there were little or no fees. I advocate that we return to free good quality education through the University so that working people and their children can again receive an education.

I support a woman's right to choice, public ownership of utilities, and the Bill of Rights.

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