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California State Government October 7, 2003 Election
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Education Plan

By Chuck Walker

Candidate for Recall of Gray Davis; State of California

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Public Education has become a sinkhole for tax revenue. Too much is spent on administering this red tape monster, and not enough in the classrooms where it counts. Many teachers are struggling just to maintain a teachable environment for their students. Let's focus on the classrooms, not the state-level offices.
Are you happy with the fact that our schools are ranked in the lowest 25% in terms of student performance? Yet, we are spending a hefty $9,000 per student annually. In fact, the huge amount of the State Budget is earmarked for education. You can argue about which plan is better, but you can't argue with poor results.

1. Most school districts are administratively top-heavy. In fact, on average, there are two administrators per teacher, (K through 12 grade levels). We need a more balanced ratio between administration and teachers.

2. We need to quit experimenting with our children's educational future, by endorsing such miserable failures as the recent Whole Language Learning reading program. Let's try only proven educational methods.

3. Let's give parents a choice as to which school they want their children to attend. Many parents are trapped in sub-standard schools, which are far from being learning environments. When schools lose their attendance, they will lose their funding from the State and if they don't fix the problems, they will be closed. Why should the State pay to keep lousy schools open? In contrast, good schools will flourish. It's a way of implementing a market element into the management of schools. Schools will then be more accountable to their "paying" parents.

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