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California State Government October 7, 2003 Election
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How To Bring Businesses Back To California

By Chuck Walker

Candidate for Recall of Gray Davis; State of California

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Never before has there been such a hostile business environment in California. The cost of doing business here is not only driving businesses out of California, it's keeping other companies from locating here. This is costing California hundreds of thousands of jobs each year. This exodus must be stopped. Reckless disregard of the business needs have finally come home to roost and California is on the brink of financial collapse. It is time to clean house.
How To Bring Back Businesses To California

1. Tax incentives based on business performance - the better a business performs, the better the tax incentive becomes. Performance will be measured in terms of jobs created and revenue generated.

2. Tax incentives for businesses that CREATE and sustain jobs for minimum periods of time - businesses that create jobs and keep them for a minimum of one year, will be rewarded with tax incentives. Any lost tax revenue will be exponentially offset by the benefit of new employment. In short, there will be a net gain in tax revenues and a healthier economy.

3. Subsidies for businesses that relocate to California - this is something that many states are already offering companies to LEAVE California. It's time we switch the tables on these states and offer similar subsidies to companies to locate here in California.

4. Lower corporate taxes - taxes on corporations are dragging down businesses all over California. Let's give them a break so they can expand and bring more jobs to California.

5. Lower manufacturing taxes - manufacturing is one of the hardest hit sectors of the California economy. Let's keep the Manufacturer Investment Credit(MIC). Currently, the MIC is set at a 6 percent tax credit to those manufacturers who qualify and participate by investing in their manufacturing. I would raise that credit to 10 percent. This would help offset the cost of establishing manufacturing within California and benefit California's job market in the long-term.

6. Tax incentives for California businesses that buy supplies from other California businesses - we need to encourage every level of business activity, from the manufacturer to the distributor, to the retail outlet. Offering tax incentives to companies that do business with other California businesses, would bolster our state economy and bring new employment to California.

7. Stop Worker's Compensation's skyrocketing costs - Over-utilization of various medical treatments are adding billions of unnecessary costs to the already over-burdened businesses. This means less money for hiring, raises and other benefits for the employees. We need to set strict standards for fee schedules and how much treatment is covered. Right now, the medical industry has a blank check with the businesses of California. These out-of-control costs must be brought back to a reasonable level, or many more companies will leave our state.


All of this would equate to a stable economic environment for California without fear of recessions and an encouraging business climate. It would encourage the State Senate and State Assembly to budget according to the amount of revenue generated by new business, not by suppressing the economy of California with new taxes.

But most importantly, jobs would return to California along with more diverse employment sectors.

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Pro-Business, Pro-People, Pro-California

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