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California State Government October 7, 2003 Election
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Alex Saint James on the Issues

By Alex Saint James

Candidate for Recall of Gray Davis; State of California

This information is provided by the candidate
I would be grateful if you would read my positions on the issues facing Califorina's citizens, and if we share the same hopes and goals for our future, then please give me your vote on October 7th. Thank you very much.
Repeal Davis Tax Hikes:

I will repeal Gray Davis' triple tax hikes.

Cut the Budget:

You can expect to see radical changes right across the board. Everything we spend a dime on will be on the table.

Enact a Flat Rate Tax:

First, I will scrap our tax code in favor of a simple flat rate income tax of 5% for individuals and 6% for business.

Scrap the State Gas and Vehicle Taxes:

I will also scrap our state gas tax as well as eliminate all state bridges and tolls taxes rising faster than inflation, now disguised as user fees in favor of a state roads, and transportation infrastructure fund paid into by all Californians and improve and upgrade Californians driving privilege from unlimited driving to limited driving with driving credits payable to Responsible Californian drivers as rebates for all those Californians that participate in our electoral process.

I will also phase out the state vehicle tax for elimination in favor of the California's responsible citizens driving privilege program, which rewards drivers for limited driving to help protect our environment.

Pro Life:

Be assured I will defend life from conception to the grave except in the case of rape and risk to the mother.

Second Amendment:

I am firm defender of the rights to bear arm for self defense and for hunt sporting.

Supporter of Traditional Marriage - Prop. 22:

I will uphold your 61.2 % decision in favor of Proposition 22 where you stated marriage is between a man and a woman.

Supporter of Flex Time:

I will also fight to change our work-week to six days a week and flex hours to make more time for families. Restaurants, and places of relaxation will be allowed to set their own closing time with "last call extend to one hour prior to close". I will also fight to cut so-called sin taxes, on spirits, wine, beer and cigarettes.

Reward Public Service:

I will institute tax credits for teachers and first responders.

Worker Protection:

Last, but very important, we all know that Worker Compensation needs to be overhauled completely. So does Unemployment Insurance.

Friend of the People of Liberia:

I am an immigrant from the Republic of Liberia, which you have heard so much of lately, and thank goodness Mr. Charles Taylor is gone, and I did play a behind the scenes role to assure his departure.

Together we shall get these important things done. Together we can take California forward. And lets do this for our late Tom Bradley and our living legend, Ronald Reagan. A vote for Alex-St.James is one more for the Gipper. I ask for your vote to effect these bold changes. Can I count on your vote? Thanks.

Alex-St. James

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