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California State Government October 7, 2003 Election
Smart Voter

Let's Cut Down the 800-lb Gorilla of Big Government.

By Kurt E. "Tachikaze" Rightmyer

Candidate for Recall of Gray Davis; State of California

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Government waste is appalling. Do you think they've even seriously tried to cut spending in Sacramento?
I just drove up to Sacramento recently and noticed a brand new, 4-story building with a beautiful sculpture out front that looked like it cost about $150,000. Multiply that by 100 to get the building cost. That new building is for the Dept. of Ageing. That's right. I love my my parents and grandparents,too, but what exactly does the Dept. of Ageing do that warrants such extravagance?
Every structure in Sacramento is a showpiece building, monuments to greed and waste. Politicians are so isolated and insecure in Sacramento that they have to surround themselves with buildings worthy of Peter the Great. Who are these leaders of ours with the gall to spend continuously when we are $38 billion in debt? Oh, excuse me, it's down about $11 billion after their latest shell game antics. Do you really believe they've cut down the deficit?
Let's talk about the Dept. of General Services. Never heard of them? That's because they don't want you to know they exist. With an $837 million annual budget, the Dept. of General Services exists only for the purpose of "making government more efficient." Have you ever heard of such lunacy? Give Gray Davis credit. He fought them tooth and nail; unfortunately, he only got them to cut their budget by 2.4%, mostly on their overseas travel expenses for all their fancy meetings. Can you imagine a state agency that routinely takes "business" trips to Hong Kong, Australia, and the like? That's the Dept. of General Services. But you never heard of them, right?

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