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Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Michael A. Jackson

Candidate for
Recall of Gray Davis; State of California

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This is a historic time in California. You have an opportunity to get the best overall person to be Governor of California and I am that person.

I am running for Governor of California to represent the majority of Californians.

Michael Jackson:

I have seriously studied the issues in California for the last ten years. I do not have to go on a listening tour to know what Californians most want. I am the most in touch with the people of California. My circle of friends include teachers, law enforcement, small business owners, health care workers, accountants, bookkeepers, artists, families, and seniors. Sorry, I don't personally know any millionaires or career politicians. I have been listening and I will continue to listen to the people of California.

I served in the U.S. Navy for 10 years. I worked hard in college to graduate Summa Cum Laude in Electrical Engineering from UCLA. Now, along with my experience as a husband, father of two young children and project manager of a leading defense company, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, I believe that I am qualified to serve as Governor of California.

Former Governor of California, Jerry Brown comments on the qualifications for governor on "Hannity and Colms" on August 7th, 2003. "Number 1: As a Governor you have to make good announcements on television. Number 2: You have to have a grounding of common sense, an understanding of the basic needs of the people of California, a lot of people can be Governor. You're essentially speaking to the people, you're working with human beings inside the state capital, and you've got to know where the hell you're going... A lot of people have that skill, but usually do not have the name ID, they don't have the money, or they don't have the opportunity."

Michael Jackson's Team

Our 8 Point Mission...

1. Resolution of the current budget deficit crisis.

2. Strengthen California's ailing school system.

3. Restore California's once prestigious economy.

4. Put an end to illegal immigration.

5. Overhaul the Workers Compensation system.

6. Focus on overdue tort and legal reform.

7. Encourage conservation and environmental discussion.

8. Improve our congested highways and infrastructure.

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