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San Mateo County, CA November 5, 2002 Election
Measure E
Quarry Site Development
City of Pacifica

Ordinance - Majority Voter Approval Required

3,511 / 33.8% Yes votes ...... 6,867 / 66.2% No votes

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Results as of Dec 6 2:34am, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (30/30 0/1 Absentee)
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Shall the City Council, following all land use approvals and environmental review, adopt an ordinance satisfying the requirements of Ordinance No. 391-C.S., which requires a public vote, to allow the development of up to 315 residential units on the Quarry site (APN #018-150-050 and 018-150-070) as part of a mixed-use development project that includes permanent open space, improved coastal access, a hotel/conference center, retail, restaurant, residential and civic uses?

Impartial Analysis
In a 1983 municipal election, the voters of the City of Pacifica enacted Ordinance No. 391-C.S., which rezoned APN Nos. 018-150-050 and 018-150-070, commonly known as the Quarry, as C-3 with the provision that "no further public vote be required for any future rezonings except that any residential development of the property, including residential development permitted under the C-3 designation, shall require a vote of the people."

The City has received a development proposal for the Quarry site from the Trammell Crow Company to create the "Pacifica Village Center," a development of up to 315 residential units on the Quarry site as part of a mixed-use development project. Because the Quarry site is zoned as C-3 and because the project includes residential development, Ordinance No. 391-C.S. requires a vote of the people before the project may be permitted.

If this measure is approved, then the City Council would be allowed to adopt an ordinance that would permit the residential development of up to 315 residential units on the Quarry site as part of a mixed-use development proposal.

However, passage of this measure does not require the City to approve the Pacifica Village Center project, either in its entirety or a portion of it. Passage of this measure will only satisfy the requirements of Ordinance No. 391-C.S. that residential development of the Quarry shall require a vote of the people. Furthermore, adoption of this measure will not constitute an approval of any development of the Quarry, residential or otherwise, or an approval of a project within the meaning of the California Environmental Quality Act (Public Resources Code Section 21000 et seq.).

A "yes" vote is a vote to allow the City to adopt an ordinance which would provide the City Council with the authority to permit the development of up to 315 residential units on the Quarry, as part of the Pacifica Village Center mixed use development project.

A "no" vote is a vote against approval of residential development on the Quarry as part of the Pacifica Village Center mixed use development project and would prohibit the City Council from adopting an ordinance authorizing the development of up to 315 residential units on the Quarry as part of the Pacifica Village Center mixed use development project.

/s/ Cecilia Quick
City Attorney

The above statement is an impartial analysis of Measure E. If you desire a copy of the ordinance Measure E authorizes the City of Pacifica to adopt, please call the elections official's office at (650) 738-7307 and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you.

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Pacificans For Sustainable Development
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Arguments For Measure E Arguments Against Measure E
A vibrant area of retail shops, restaurants, a new library, a Town Square park, a new firestation, a hotel and conference center, integrated homes and apartments and 50% of the land preserved as permanent open space.

Measure E is the first step to bringing this long-held civic dream into reality at the Pacifica Quarry.

For over 30 years, various proposals for the Quarry have come before us. For numerous reasons, Pacifica has rejected them because they were less than we deserve.

Finally, a proposal with features for every family, backed by a company with the financial resources to make it real, is before us.

We urge a Yes vote on Measure E.


> 40 acres will be preserved as permanent open space. Coastal access will be improved. Endangered species habitats will be protected.

> Land worth $2 million will be donated to create a vitally needed new library and Town Square.

> Retail stores and the hotel will generate desperately needed new tax revenue for public safety, street repairs, parks, beaches, the arts and other vital services. Extensive landscaping will be planted.

> Funds from the developer will help build a new firestation next to the project - improving response times in town.

> The developer will pay for traffic improvements to ensure that those impacts are minimal.

> Homes and apartments will be well-integrated to ensure a viable, livable community and will help subsidize library construction. 20% of the units will be made affordable specifically for local teachers, firefighters and other professions.

Once Measure E is approved, continuing community oversight and leadership will help ensure that the final design creates a village our children will thank us for.

We firmly believe this is the right opportunity for Pacifica. Please join us in voting Yes on Measure E.

/s/ Paul Strom
Pacifica Chamber of Commerce Past President

/s/ Gail J. Benjamin
Library Advocate

/s/ William F. Feyling
Economic Development Committee Mbr

/s/ Mary T. Brown
Affordable Housing Advocate

/s/ Robert L. Trapp
Pacifica Firefighters Association

Rebuttal to Arguments For
Don't be misled by the deceptive ballot language and the developer's glowing sales pitch. The proponents' argument doesn't even mention a huge housing project. They may want to play it down, but:

The ONLY thing you are voting on is 315 residential units.

You are NOT voting on a "town square."

You are NOT voting on a hotel, conference center, library or firehouse. There is no actual plan to build any of these things, and Measure E does not require them to be built.

There are no guarantees that anything other than housing will be built.

How can we trust the politicians for "oversight and leadership?" The City Council majority and the developer steam-rolled the process just to get this measure on the ballot. They bypassed their own Planning Commission and ignored the objections of state agencies and the public.

Pacifica deserves a high-quality town center in the Quarry, with a hometown Main Street, a generous town square, a classy hotel to attract visitors and generate tax revenues, and just enough residential to make it a real neighborhood, without worsening commute hour traffic. Unfortunately, Trammell Crow's project doesn't fill the bill, and it never will.

Incredibly, the proponents claim that "our children will thank us" for this project. Ask yourself, will our children thank us for a big box strip mall, traffic jams, environmental degradation and a lack of vision? Our children deserve better!


Vote NO on Measure E.

/s/ Eulalia Halloran
Co-Chair, Open Space Committee, City of Pacifica

/s/ Timothy Cowan
Member, Economic Development Committee, City of Pacifica

/s/ William Leo Leon Jr.
Member, Concerned Manor Residents

/s/ Peter Loeb
Former Mayor, City of Pacifica

/s/ Dinah Verby
Co-Chair, Pacificans for Sustainable Development

Don't be fooled! This is not the high-quality hometown village center that Pacificans were promised. In truth, it is:
A HUGE 315-unit HOUSING PROJECT--more than East and
West Fairway Park combined.

A COMMUTE HOUR NIGHTMARE on Highway 1. The project
generates so much additional traffic, it requires a new signalized intersection between Fassler Avenue and Vallemar--more delays! Even if the City finds money to expand that stretch of highway to six lanes, there still will be traffic-stopping bottlenecks at both ends.

Basically another "BIG BOX" STRIP MALL#not a quaint street of interesting shops like Main Street in Half Moon Bay.

NOT a large Town Square like Sonoma. It's a postage stamp-sized patch.

and California Fish and Game staffs are extremely critical of the project because it could imperil endangered and threatened species.

A DENSELY PACKED project. The "open spaces" are mostly
steep hillsides that cannot be developed anyway. There are no parks or playfields for project residents or the rest of Pacificans.

Don't be blinded by big empty promises. Let's be clear about a few things:

1) The Texas-based developer, Trammell Crow, has no hotel lined up and wants no obligation to build one if they cannot find a hotel operator.

2) Trammell Crow has no intention of paying for a new library. Pacificans don't have to approve this bad project to have decent library services. There are other solutions and other locations.

3) The project is so big, it requires a new firehouse, but Trammell Crow has no intention of paying the approximately $2 million annually to staff it. That cost will fall on the taxpayers.


Vote NO on Measure E

/s/ Peter Loeb
Former Mayor, City of Pacifica

/s/ Dorothy Edminster
Former Mayor, City of Pacifica

/s/ Dinah F. Verby
Co-Chair, Pacificans for Sustainable Development

/s/ Tim Williams
Former Planning Commissioner, City of Pacifica

/s/ Ron Maykel
Member, Open Space Committee, City of Pacifica

Rebuttal to Arguments Against
It's easy for the opposition to say no. They always do. The small group of opponents to Measure E claim they want something better - yet truthfully they want nothing to happen at the Quarry. They've opposed every previous proposal.

We say Yes. Measure E is the right step to take because it has features for every Pacifica resident.

Here are the facts:

Half of the land will be preserved as permanent open space.

$2 million dollars of land will be donated for a distinctive Town Square and new library.

150 apartments and 165 homes, all integrated, will generate the tax revenue to help fund the new library and new fire station construction at the Quarry.

The biggest retail stores will be Trader Joe's size stores. Other small, neighborhood serving retail stores and restaurants will comprise the bulk of the commercial area.

Coupled with the hotel, tax revenues will go towards parks, pothole repair, police and other vital services. WE NEED TO GENERATE NEW CITY REVENUE.

The developer will pay for traffic improvements. Combined with planned future Highway 1 improvements and agreements with the school district, traffic flow can be improved over current conditions.

20% of the housing will be targeted to local teachers, firefighters, and other such professions so they can live in Pacifica too.

Pacific does deserve the best - open-space, a new library and fire station, tax revenue and more that we don't have to pay for. We urge a Yes on Measure E.

/s/ Christopher Ranken
Chairman, Planning Commission

/s/ Pilar M. Schneider
Retired Teacher & School Brd. Member

/s/ William W. Bent
President, Pacifica Chamber of Commerce

/s/ Karen R. Lines
Chair, Pacifica Chamber Quarry Committee

/s/ Robert L. Trapp
Pacifica FireFighters Association

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