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California State Government March 5, 2002 Election
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Our Energy Problems

By Danney Ball

Candidate for Governor; State of California; Republican Party

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While others are expanding on what the problem is ... and bashing each other in the process ... I have been coming up with solutions to this problem. It will not go away, but we must do what we can to minimize the fallout from what has already been done. It will be much easier for a new governor not tied to these energy producers by campaign contributions to be a bit more forceful in the renegotiating of some of the 57 contracts that were signed under duress.
My plan calls for:

  • Renegotiate contracts to lower prices wherever possible.

  • Encourage municipalities to build their own sources of clean, low-cost power.

  • Buy solor, wind, and clean power first. We can certainly buy more than the current 2%.

  • If electric companies need to go bankrupt ... thats what the bankruptcy protection laws are there for.

  • Never wait to buy power when you need it the most. The time to purchase is when prices are at their lowest.

  • It is not the end of the world if a rolling blackout should occur. This can serve as a heads-up to rate-payers that a bit more conservation is needed.

  • Californians are to be complemented because they always rise to the occasion when needed. Long before the current governor spent 800 million dollars to tell us to conserve in a series of radio, TV, and newspaper ads, we got the message and began cutting back. So much so that the crisis was over almost before it began. Unfortunately we will now be left with some disproportunate energy bills that might take a few years to pay off.

Please read more on my website at:

Thank you for reading my thoughts ... together we can really "Come Home To A New California!"

I will try to come here and write more later. ... db

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