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San Joaquin County, CA March 5, 2002 Election
Directory of San Joaquin County, CA Measures
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Measure I. Utility User Tax -- City of Stockton
13,915 / 44.4% Yes votes
17,411 / 55.6% No votes
Shall Ordinance No. 012-01 C.S. adopted by the Stockton City Council on May 1, 2001, be approved to authorize a one percent (1%) decrease, from the current eight percent (8%), to seven percent (7%), effective July 1, 2002, and from seven percent (7%) to six percent (6%), effective July 1, 2003, of the City of Stockton's Utility User Tax, the addition of an additional energy tax rebate incentive to the Enterprise Zone, and the addition of energy tax rebate incentives to the MX (Mixed Use) Zone.

Measure J. School Bond -- Ripon Unified School District
2,060 / 58.3% Yes votes
1,475 / 41.7% No votes
To improve health and safety conditions of schools, to relieve overcrowding, to improve the likelihood of our schools qualifying for state matching funds, shall the Ripon Unified School District issue $10 million of bonds, at interest rates within the legal limit to finance the modernization and expansion of Ripon High School and a portion of the costs of constructing a new elementary school and appoint a Citizen's Oversight Committee to perform annual audits? The District's Board has evaluated safety, class size reduction and information technology needs.

Measure K. School Bond -- Lodi Unified School District
15,863 / 57.1% Yes votes
11,918 / 42.9% No votes
To plan and construct up to twelve (12) new schools; to acquire, construct, renovate, furnish and equip school facilities and grounds; add structures to existing schools; upgrade certain classrooms; and upgrade fire and safety systems; shall the Lodi Unified School District incur bonded indebtedness of not to exceed $109,360,000, the rate of interest thereon not to exceed the maximum rate allowable by law, and establish an oversight committee?

Measure L. Low Rent Housing Projects -- County of San Joaquin
48,638 / 58.7% Yes votes
34,216 / 41.3% No votes
Without increasing local taxes, by utilizing federal or State funding, shall public or publicly assisted housing providers, within San Joaquin County, according to the County's General Plan, construct, develop, acquire, rehabilitate and/or convert housing project(s) into decent, safe, sanitary and uncrowded units for low-income, elderly, or handicapped persons, up to 500 units annually, for ten years, with any unused units carried over annually?

Measure M. Fire Tax Ordinance -- Mokelumne Rural Fire Protection District
1,158 / 64.3% Yes votes
643 / 35.7% No votes
Shall the proposed special tax ordinance set forth by Ordinance No. 01-1 of the Mokelumne Rural County Fire Protection District be adopted?

Measure N. Transient Occupancy Tax -- City of Tracy
4,742 / 68.3% Yes votes
2,203 / 31.7% No votes
Shall the City's transient occupancy tax, imposed on transients and used by the City's General Fund to fund a variety of activities, including: police and fire services, tourism promotion, planned cultural arts center activities, and parks and recreation youth and senior activities, be set at 10% of the amount of rent charged by the hotel operation?

Measure O. School Bond -- Linden Unified School District
1,574 / 54.7% Yes votes
1,303 / 45.3% No votes
To make essential health, safety and building repairs at aging school facilities, increase energy efficiency, relieve severe overcrowding by acquiring, constructing or renovating school sites, and qualify for state construction matching funds, shall Linden Unified School District be authorized to issue bonds not exceeding Eleven Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars at the lowest interest rates possible, establish a Community Oversight Committee, and conduct annual audits to ensure funds are only spent on school construction projects?

Measure P. (Cancelled) Bonds -- Stockton-East Water District (Removed from ballot by court order)
To assure a firm water supply without levying taxes or land assessments, should Stockton East Water District issue up to $6,000,000.00 in bonds to fund supplemental water supply, distribution and environmental improvements, including obtaining water right permits, matching state and federal funding for the Farmington Project for groundwater recharge and seasonal habitat, and constructing pipelines to convey surface water for distribution to agricultural and urban customers for use instead of pumping groundwater, and for direct recharge to the groundwater basin; to be repaid with revenue from surface water sales to district customers, and existing groundwater charges?

Measure Q. Transient Occupancy Tax -- City of Manteca
4,099 / 60.4% Yes votes
2,693 / 39.6% No votes
Shall an ordinance be adopted to re-adopt and validate continuing collection of the City's Supplemental Transient Occupancy Tax, at a rate of 4%?

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