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El Dorado County, CA November 6, 2001 Election
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By Paul T. Converse, P.E.

Candidate for Board Member; El Dorado Irrigation District; Division 2

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In EID's current circumstances any need for a water meter moratorium is a disgrace, resulting from unaddressed distribution system needs which were well documented a dozen years ago, and from a conspicuous lack of leadership, strategic vision and resolve, at the Board level.
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In discussing a moratorium, the Board is debating shooting a comatose patient. And, they run away from the real problem. This course offers no benefit to anyone. It is technically and economically unsound. It is morally unjust. It is leadership bankrupt. If it is politically correct, that is an indication that perhaps the electorate misunderstands its own selfish interests. Someone needs to have the courage to be the messenger, however thankless the task. More proactive solutions are available. These realities need to be explained in simple, layman's terms. Surely, we need leadership capable of espousing a broader vision.

The infrastructure shortfall is not a Cameron Park problem, nor an El Dorado Hills problem, nor a newcomer problem. It is not an eastern or western service area problem. It is an EID problem. It is a failure to follow through on projects which were identified and had funding mechanisms in place a dozen years ago. The responsibility falls properly upon all intervening elected directors, and upon everyone who elected them. To single out a small geographic area, or a group of people with a rigid time window or urgent need, to bear the burden for everyone is the height of injustice and irrationality. And especially so, since it provides no perceptible benefit. The rest of us won't be better served as a result. We are all embarked on this ship together. We must work together to repair the battle damage, or all sink together. By the time a moratorium could have any impact, we could have a technical fix in place. Why isn't that being addressed? Dust off the old plans, and get to work.

The water supply for the Gold Hill intertie does not belong to either Cameron Park, nor El Dorado Hills. It has been borrowed, on a temporary basis, from the Gold Hill and Apple Hill areas. There is a longstanding commitment by EID to supply the west end in other ways. That is a commitment which EID's elected representatives made, and should honor. Facility capacity charges designated to fund these improvements have been collected, but the promised capacity was not delivered.

A previous sewer moratorium in the Diamond Springs area cost this community a vitally needed residential facility for the mentally handicapped. The land had been acquired, the funding was in place, the plans drawn up, etc. By the time the moratorium was lifted, the funding had gone away, the costs had escalated, and the opportunity was gone, possibly forever. What damage will this one do?

Moratoriums pit neighbor against neighbor, and foster hate and discontent. Does this community aspire to become the next Northern Ireland, Palestine, or Kosovo? Must we take a "them vs. us" attitude? I aspire to lead in a new direction, one of team building and community building.

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