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What Wilson Will Work For.

By Robert W. Wilson, II

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 8

This information is provided by the candidate
This is an outline of what I think is most important in order to create a bright future for California.
MY MAIN GOAL is to realize the best California possible by implementing proven, long-term solutions to our state's difficulties. These solutions can come from anywhere. Any political party, expert, or citizen. We must be open-minded and consider all proven, long-term solutions to our State's problems.

What is the best California possible? A California with:

-A strong economy
-An economy that protects the environment, for our health, that of future generations, and the planet itself
-Effective government
-Low taxes
-Citizens who are healthy and well educated
-Racial and gender equality
-Low crime
-Low unemployment

I believe that we are too focused on the short term in government. Currently, many of our policies are being shaped by special interests and look only as far into the future as the next fiscal quarter. This puts California's potentially bright future in danger. I believe that by using government money wisely -- not just throwing money at problems -- we can reduce crime, health care costs, and environmental damage. Reducing these costs will bolster the economy and prevent the dismal outcome our current short-term focus is all but certain to bring us. If we consider the long term and implement the appropriate policies, taxes and social costs will be lessened and our citizens will be happier, healthier, and better educated. Some of my ideas are:

Ending the special-interest groups' control of our politics, through 1) elimination of PACs and soft money, 2) public sponsorship of election campaigns, and 3) prevention of lobbying by former public servants on behalf of domestic and foreign interests

Strengthening the economy, stimulating its growth through the implementing of reliable fiscal policies

Cutting taxes deeply yet responsibly, by finding fair and cost-effective solutions to our ineffectual criminal justice system, spiraling health care costs, and other social dilemmas. I do not advocate cutting of essential services, and taxes will be lowered once these programs are underway and reducing costs.

Education that develops the students' full potentials, by using of proven methods of boosting creativity and academic performance and also exploring innovative, new ideas.

Creating a true health care system, as opposed to a disease care system, by implementing fiscally responsible, preventive health care programs based on scientifically demonstrated ways of healing and fighting disease, and saving money in the best possible way -- by keeping people healthy.

Preventing crime, not warehousing criminals, through effective criminal and drug rehabilitation programs

Protecting the environment through efficient energy production and consumption, through a gradual phasing in of renewable, safe, nonpolluting energy sources such as wind, solar, and biomass. In this way, our dependence on foreign oil will be reduced.

Safeguarding America's food supply, by following sustainable agricultural practices yielding healthy, high-quality crops while reducing our reliance on hazardous chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Mandatory labeling and safety testing of genetically engineered foods. Consumers deserve the choice.

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