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Judge; Supreme Court; 6 Year Term Starting 1/2/01

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Justice Alice Robie Resnick is the fourth woman elected to statewide office in Ohio and the second woman elected to the Supreme Court of Ohio. She was first elected to the Supreme Court in 1988, and was re-elected in 1994. Justice Resnick was the founder and co-chair of the Ohio State Bar Association/Supreme Court of Ohio Joint Task Force on Gender Fairness. This task force addressed issues such as gender bias in the courts; lawyer and workplace life styles; gender bias education; and gender issues in domestic relations cases. A Final Report was issued in May 1995. From 1998 to the present time, Justice Resnick has chaired the Ohio Women's Legal Assistance and Education Coalition. Through its three committees, the Gender Fairness Implementation Committee, the Legal Assistance and Education Centers Committee, and the Legal Rights Handbook Committee, the coalition seeks to assist and inform women in Ohio regarding their legal rights.

Justice Resnick was born on August 21, 1939 in Erie, Pennsylvania. She resides in Toledo with her husband, Judge Melvin L. Resnick, who sits on the Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals. She has three step-children, six step-grandchildren, and three dogs, one of which is a rescued greyhound.


1953-1957: Notre Dame Academy, Toledo, Ohio

1957-1961: Siena Heights College, Adrian, Michigan Degree: Ph.B., 1961

Major: History
Minors: Philosophy, English & Biology

1961-1964: University of Detroit, College of Law

Detroit, Michigan
Degree: J.D., 1964


1964: Admitted to the Bar of the state of Ohio by


1965: Admitted to the Bar of the state of Michigan by


1967: Admitted to practice before the United States District

Court for the Northern District of Ohio, Western
1964-1975: Private practice of law, October 1964-1975;
Appointed an Assistant Lucas County Prosecutor,
December, 1964. Trial Attorney; tried
approximately one hundred fifty felony cases
including ten death penalty cases.

1970: Admitted to practice and appeared before the United

States Supreme Court, arguing on an issue regarding the
constitutionality of the death penalty in Ohio.

1975: Elected Judge of the Toledo Municipal Court

1981: Elected Presiding Administrative Judge of Toledo

Municipal Court by the other six Municipal Court

1981: Re-elected to the Toledo Municipal Court without


1982: Elected Judge of the Ohio Sixth District Court of

Appeals, Toledo, Ohio

1983-1987: Sat by assignment on the Supreme Court of Ohio

1986: Re-elected to the Ohio Sixth District Court of

Appeals without opposition

1988: Presiding Judge, Ohio Sixth District Court of

Appeals, Toledo, Ohio

l988: Elected Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio

1994: Re-elected Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio


1999: Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree

Heidelberg College

1999: Gertrude W. Donahey Award

Ohio Democratic Party

1999: Woman of Toledo Award

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

1998-present: Chair, Ohio Women's Legal Assistance and Education Coalition

1998: Distinguished Lawyer Award of the University of Toledo

College of Law Alumni Association

1998: Initial recipient of the Alice Robie Resnick Outstanding Lawyer Award presented by the Oho Women's Bar Association

1998: Honored in a tribute presented on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. Recorded in the Congressional Record on April 29, 1998

1996: Making A Difference Award

National Association of Women Judges District 7

1995: Ohio Women's Hall of Fame

1995: Alumni of the Year

University of Detroit, College of Law

1995: Nettie Cronise Lutes Award

Ohio State Bar Association
Section on Women in the Profession

1994: Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree

University of Akron

1994: Woman of Achievement Award

Franklin County YWCA

1994: Woman of Achievement Award

Appleseed Ridge Girl Scout Council, Lima, OH

1991: Co-chairperson of the Joint Task Force on

Gender Fairness, A Cooperative Effort of The Ohio
State Bar Association and The Supreme Court of

1990: Woman of the Year Award,

American Association of University Women
Columbus, Ohio Branch

1989: Award of Excellence

Cleveland Society of Poles

1987: Sister Ann Joachim Award for Outstanding

Civic Involvement,
Siena Heights College,
Adrian, Michigan

1987: Hall of Fame, Notre Dame Academy, Toledo

1984-1999: Who's Who Awards,

Who's Who of America, 45th Edition, ff.
Who's Who in American Law, 7th Edition, ff.
Who's Who of American Women, 14th Edition, ff.
Who's Who in the Midwest, 21st Edition, ff.
1983: Woman of Achievement Award,
Women in Communications,
Toledo, Ohio Chapter


Member of: Toledo, Lucas County and Ohio Bar Associations; the National Association of Women Judges; Toledo and Ohio Women's Bar Associations; the OSBA Sections on Women in the Profession and Lawyer Assistance Program. Honorary Member of: Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity; Delta Kappa Gamma Society (Professional Organization for Women Educators).


Crime Stopper, Inc. of Metropolitan Toledo, President of Board of Trustees; Guest House, Inc., Board of Trustees. Member of: the Toledo Museum of Art; the Democratic Business & Professional Women's Club; NOW; Toledo Zoological Society; Public Radio-WGTE; the Toledo YWCA; the YWCA of Columbus.


Past Member of: the Board of Trustees of Siena Heights College; Board of Directors of the Maumee Valley Girl Scouts; WIT, Inc.; Board of Directors of the Court Diagnostic and Treatment Center; Toledo Women United Against Rape; Quota of Toledo; West Toledo Business and Professional Women's Club; Spectrum, Friends of Fine Art; Municipal Judges Association; Court of Appeals Judges Association; Ohio Judicial Conference; Board of Trustees of the Volunteers of America; Toledo-Lucas County Safety Council; Zonta of Toledo I; International Women's Forum; Women Alive Coalition; Governor's Task Force on Substance Abuse; the International Institute of Toledo. Past Chairperson of: the Administration and Court Reform Committee of the Ohio Judicial Conference; the Rules and Administrative Law Committee of the Ohio Judicial Conference; the Ohio Court Statistics Committee; the Ohio Supreme Court Rules and Procedures Committee.


Justice Resnick is widely sought after as a speaker and lecturer on a variety of topics. She has addressed numerous judges, lawyers and civic groups on the following subjects: ethics; professionalism; substance abuse; gender fairness; advances in biomedical technology; domestic violence; the battered woman syndrome; appellate procedure; constitutional law; insurance law; tort reform; criminal law; Supreme Court practice; personal safety; public awareness of the legal system; and the elective process. ADDRESS

Justice Alice Robie Resnick Supreme Court of Ohio 30 East Broad Street, 3rd Floor Columbus, Ohio 43266-0419

Phone: (614)466-3578 Fax: (614)752-6825

E-mail: ResnickA@sconet.state.oh.us


Lemley v. Kaiser (1983), 6 Ohio St.3d 258, 6 OBR 324, 452 N.E.2d 1304.

Mominee v. Scherbarth (March 22, 1985), Lucas App. No. L-84-190, unreported. Affirmed by Supreme Court of Ohio in Mominee v. Scherbarth (1986), 28 Ohio St.3d 270, 28 OBR 346, 503 N.E.2d 717.

Sawicki v. Ottawa Hills (December 12, 1986), Lucas App. Nos. L-85-366, L-85-443, and L-86-002, unreported (Resnick, J., dissenting). Reversed by Supreme Court of Ohio in Sawicki v. Ottawa Hills (1988), 37 Ohio St.3d 222, 525 N.E.2d 468.

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High v. Howard (1992), 64 Ohio St.3d 82, 592 N.E.2d 818 (Resnick, J., dissenting). Dissenting position later adopted by majority of court in Gallimore v. Children's Hospital Medical Center (1993), 67 Ohio St.3d 244, 617 N.E.2d 1052.

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Dumas v. Estate of Dumas (1994), 68 Ohio St.3d 405, 627 N.E.2d 978 (Resnick, J., dissenting).

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