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March 5, 2002

I only wish each and every voter had this informative web site at their fingertips. Smartvoter.org is an essential, educational and informative tool in today's world. --Stanislaus County

I'd like to echo the comment "one of the best uses of the internet". ... My voting will show a strong prejudice against candidates who do not supply information to your site. --Santa Clara County

It's great! ... I've sent my donation. --Santa Clara County

I have spent hours on your site in preparation for the election. It has been extremely helpful for me to make informed decisions... --Santa Clara County

Absolutely a fantastic website! I commute 4-1/2 hours a day to put in a 9-1/2 hour workday and am an absentee voter. The information I found here was more useful than any other resource I have used for my local election! --Santa Clara or Stanislaus County

I'll definitely look forward to this site in the next election. A Perfect 10! --Santa Clara County

This is an outstanding site. A wonderful way to keep informed. All the information was in one place. I love the real audio debates from KQED's forum program. I moved and had to vote fail safe. I may not have been able to do it with out this information. --Santa Clara County

Next election season I hope that I do not again wait until election day to access and study your web site. . --Sacramento County

...a tremendously useful guide to the current election. Your site was easy to navigate and had great links to valuable information. The League has distinguished itself once again! --Marin County

Very informative. I enjoy to read position papers on past candidates. --Los Angeles County

Your information made it easier for me to make wiser voting decisions. Gracias.. --Fresno County

Congratulations on a superb web site. ... very well organized information ... --Alameda County

      Bravo! Keep up the good work! I didn't vote for anyone who didn't respond to you. One of the most important sites on the internet! --A webmaster in Orange County

I must honestly say that I'm not sure that I would have made it to the polls without the help of your site. --San Francisco County

I love your site!!!! It's so hard to find info about certain elections, like Superior Court! --Los Angeles County

I just wanted to let you know I think this is a TRULY WONDERFUL public service... --Ventura County

Thank you for creating an informative, easy to use, and comprehensive website. I did not receive my voter handbook for the upcoming elections, and needed information about the entire ballot. --A student, Santa Cruz County

Awesome web site. Very friendly, very well thought-out. You can let candidates know that at least one voter won't vote for candidates who are too lazy to provide you info for voters to read. --San Diego County professional web site developer

Most useful site I found for info on vitally important ... County Central Committee candidates. . --San Francisco County

Thank you so much for this superb site. I could never have made the knowledgeable votes I did today for the local judicial, school, and county contests without your links and information. --San Diego County

Thank you... I particularly like the related links. --San Diego County

From Candidates...

Voters have told me that of all elections, they usually receive the least information about judicial candidates. Thank you for an outstanding means of communicating with the voters; a great public service. --Santa Clara County judicial candidate

Thank you for the opportunity for providing all candidates with the opportunity to give information without cost to the public in your non-partisan manner. The format is simple to use and has been particularly informative in this year of redistricting. --Los Angeles County

The notes above are a selection of the unsolicited feedback sent to Smart Voter.
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