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November 5, 2002

This site is the best thing that ever happened to the voting process. ... I believe that this way of disseminating information will become the standard! --San Diego County

Excellent site, as is everything you do. Sure do wish the parties hadn't stolen the presidential debates from you... --Madison County, OH

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the work you are doing. If we are to ever overcome the effects of massive political contributions, it will be organizations like yours, providing objective information to the voters, who lead the reform. --Sonoma County

Great service! I only wish that everyone in every state had good access to a site like this, and that most people would use it as their primary access for election information, doing away with the barrage of paper, automatic phone calls, TV ads, and the like -- but adding more debates and in-depth coverage. Keep up the good work! --Alameda County

This is so much better than what we had before that clearly, you have taken our Democracy to the Next Level... Have you considered providing this service to other nations? In other languages? It would make for a better world. Again, thank you, thank you. --Contra Costa County

... The summary [of election results] was perfect! I told many friends about your website in the last few days to help them in their voting decisions too. I am glad to be able to say, "yes it is non-partisan". You do the community a tremendous service by having this website. --Alameda County

The service you provided for the November 5 Elections as it relates to listing the candidates and their positions was TREMENDOUS. I was able to cut through all the BS commercials and simply read about each candidate, their party and make an intelligent decision. Even better was the work done on the Propositions. ... --Marin County

THANK YOU! This is a very informative and helpful site for the voter that prefers to be educated with facts rather than advertising hype. --Santa Cruz County

This online voter information is SO great!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will be making a donation to the League of Women Voters to support this fine effort for democracy. --Alameda County

... I felt more informed than in any previous election! --Santa Clara County

      YOUR SITE IS RADICAL! I am so impressed with everything...the clean presentations of the issues, the candidate information, the in-depth information, the links to media articles and other information - THANK YOU THANK YOU for this incredible, impartial resource! I am particularly impressed by the information you give on the judges... I have told everyone I know about your site and to check it out - KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK... --San Luis Obispo County

...when [candidates] did NOT respond to Smart Voter and did NOT provide information I was immediately biased against them because it looks like they don't care about my vote... --Los Angeles County

EXCELLENT! This is what the Web is all about. --San Mateo County

Thank you for your invaluable information. This is what the Internet is for... --Alpine or Calaveras County

I think your website is the best out of all the other website[s]! --Monterey County

You've helped me educate myself more than I ever have about the upcoming election. This site helps me take care of my voting concerns- all the flyers, call, ads etc. don't even come close to your help. Thank you! --Santa Clara County

Thanks for posting your most informative and helpful web page to aid Ohio voters. Your efforts to present all sides of all issues to assist intelligent voting is really something to be proud of. ... Your website is one of the best ever for election time. Keep up the good, honest, and intelligent work! --Paulding County, Ohio

This is a great resource-thanks! I teach Pol.Sci.1 ... and have made the Smart Voter pages required reading for my students. We use them as springboards for issue, candidate and election process discussions. --Sacramento County

...Your website is an oasis in the desert during this election period. ... What a wonderful discovery!!! ... Will remember you when ... I send out contributions to various organizations and charities. You are the best! --Placer County

You have provided me with the necessary information to be able to vote for any elections as soon as I turn 18. ...--San Mateo County

Excellent site for those of us who need to use Absentee ballot... Thanks! v/hooah --Monterey County (military)

The notes above are a selection of the hundreds of unsolicited feedback sent to Smart Voter.
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