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November 6, 2001

Thank you for providing this service it is easy to use and provides information without all the bombardment of excess verbiage provided by the talking heads. Thank you, thank you, thank you! --Marin County

I heard about your website on the radio and it is fantastic! Thank you! ... thanks for the great site! It made it much easier for me! --Los Angeles County

Great help to librarians, especially when someone comes in at 7 p.m. and wants to know where to vote. Thanks! --Santa Clara County

This is a wonderful service to the voters of California. Please continue to provide this service for ALL elections in the state. --Monterey County

I am very pleased with the website. I only wish all of the candidates would participate in this medium. --Monterey County

I think you have a real informative website and [it] is an asset to the community... --Stanislaus County

... I am going to mention the site to the government class teacher. It would be an excellent way for students to learn to do research. --Merced County

Thank you for an excellent and useful site. ... Your site answered my curiosity of what was to be vote on and by whom in a matter of a vew mouse clicks. ... I have recommended your site to several friends to check on elections in their area. --Santa Clara County

I found your website very interesting, links to elected officials would be a nice touch. --Orange County

I appreciate such an informative site and how balanced its seems... --Stanislaus County

I discovered your site last year, & it has become my most comprehensive & reliable source of election information. I particularly appreciate the feature that lets me quickly hone in on my own local issues on the ballot for MY precinct. What a shame that more CANDIDATES don't take advantage of the opportunity to submit their information to help us voters. (That is the most frustrating thing about the site.) THANKS for the valuable service you provide! --Hamilton County, Ohio

      This is just a quick note to say what a fabulous job you do on your web site. As both a user and a web site designer, I give it high marks for usability, content, loading time, navigation, and the service it provides. Well done, and thank you for the effort to have this information and service online. --Sonoma County

Your web site is greatly appreciated. Good show! Wish there were more candidates taking advantage of it, but not doing so says something about the candidate. --Marin County

Great website -- in small elections like this, information is hard to find. Thank you for this wonderful service. --Santa Clara County

Your website is great! All the information I need in one place... --Sacramento County

From Candidates...

Best Site on the Internet. The designers of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are smiling and dancing over this one... Methinketh the Founding Fathers of America, too. :-) From this candidates heart, CONGRATULATIONS! --Santa Barbara County

I would like to thank the League for supporting elections and candidates by sponsoring this web site for our use. Running a campaign is very expensive and with your help, I feel I have been able to reach voters and list my endorsements without running expensive advertisements in the paper. I have also used your site address on my flyers and mailers to alert voters to my positions. It has been a wonderful support during the last two months of my campaign. --Monterey County

Excellent web site with all information. ... Gracias. --Los Angeles County

Bless You, L W V ! ...As a first-time candidate for public office, I was absolutely delighted with your offered web page(s). ... And, as an "old soldier," it makes me very, very proud that I spent much of my life serving a nation where organizations like yours may exist and thrive. After the elections, I will definitely be making a donation to assist in your efforts! --Los Angeles County

The notes above are a selection of the unsolicited feedback sent to Smart Voter.
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