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November 7, 2000
General Election

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Thank you for such a wonderful site.... Other sites don't give the information you do in one simple step. ... Thanks for making this so easy. --Hamilton Co., Ohio

www.smartvoter.org made the difference between me being informed on the 11-2000 ballot issues and not informed. Without it I would have had no way of easily and quickly gauging the issues and candidates and making an informed decision. Probably one of the very best uses of the internet: informing the voting public! --San Mateo Co.

Thanks for this site, which I've been relying on for years. ...this is an immensely useful resource for citizens who want to be informed on the issues before voting. The customized ballot info based on street/zipcode, the polling place, the information about the candidates - all of these features are things that I actively use. Thanks! --San Mateo Co.

This is very cool. I just moved to Santa Rosa about 2 months ago, and just registered. Finding out who the candidates are, what the issues are, and where to vote in such a short period of time is difficult. Your site has made it a LOT easier. THANKS! --Sonoma Co.

This website is fabulous. I really appreciate the unbiased and complete representation of all of the candidates running for public office in my area. I have already recommended the site to several friends and colleagues who have also been very pleased. Keep up the good work; it is a tremendous public service. --Hamilton Co., OH

This is a fantastic resource! We find it particularly useful to better understand the variety of local measures and state propositions, as well as candidates in the more obscure races locally. Thank you so much!!! --Marin Co.

[In response to the statement in SmartVoterNews "You'll marvel at the agility and robustness of Smart Voter"]: YES. People I have exposed it to (in excess of 1,400 individuals) are most impressed with it. Others who have heard about it but live outside the area, wish it was available in their area. GOOD JOB. --Hamilton Co., OH

I am a college student attending UC and ... I am so glad I discovered this page. I know now that my votes will be accurate and knowledgable, and I am making the correct choices on issues surrounding my community. Thank You --Clermont Co., OH

      THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!! For the first time, I believe I have made an informed decision with my vote. The sample ballot info is not enough and your website has given me exactly what I need. Yours is a non-partisan space to review all the candidates and all the propositions. I really enjoyed the news articles on the propostions AND the info on the top ten contributors. What an eye-opener. I can't thank you enough!!! -- San Diego Co.

Thank you for this web site. I did not vote for anyone in the local elections who did not bother to respond to your site. --Orange Co.

Thank you!! ... Your candidate information allowed me to make an informed decision and completely changed my initial selection. ... Thanks again! --San Mateo Co.

Just wanted to say thanks for all of the information that you have made available. I am in the military, and do not have much time to hear debates on the issues. It has been easier for me because of your website. Again, Thank you. --Alameda Co.

Thanks very much. I generally don't take the time to become very informed about candidates / ballots. Your work made my job of citizenship possible and attractive. --San Diego Co.

I'm certainly going to be telling people about the site (both as a political resource and as an example of an excellently designed set of web pages). ... I know that for me, the deciding factor to go find the site was learning of the League of Women Voters connection. I've had less than great experiences getting information I want out of local government sites, but while I had no experience with the League on the web, I've never seen the organization do anything less than excellently.... --San Mateo Co.

From Candidates...

Got your letter, came, saw, I like - I like a lot. Very easy to move around. Very easy on the eyes. Very, very well layed out. Thank you for your efforts ... -- San Diego County candidate


Thanx for this page!!!!!!!! (very much) --a candidate in San Diego Co.

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