Smart Voter from LWV March 7, 2000 Primary Election

. . . What Our Users Told Us

Here are some of the unsolicited comments that we received for this election. Thanks to all who took time to give us feedback.    -- The Smart Voter Project Team

... I am a discussion leader in a group discussing current events. You are absolutely the best source that I have seen to get information about our next election. We congratulate you for the outstanding work that you do. -- Los Angeles County

Great! Fantastic! soon as my tax refund arrives, LWV will get a donation from this household. --Sonoma County

Just a quick note to thank the LWV for again providing the only even, sane, non-biased and easy-to-read information on all the primaries. Your organization is the only one that is interested in helping me understand the issues and candidates without nudging me in one direction. This is a terrific service. Thanks again. --Contra Costa County

Outstanding information! Thanks for helping me weed through all of my choices! --Orange County

I think this is an invaluable service and I always use it before an election. ... I only voted for [those candidates] who provided information about themselves. The others ... may not think that this is important or perhaps are just too lazy to furnish this info. Whatever the reason, I wouldn't support someone who takes such a cavalier approach to informing the public.   -- San Mateo County

What a great site! I especially appreciate the sections on how to evaluate candidates and how to watch a debate. Keep up the good work! --Los Angeles

Thank you! I had spent a frantic hour trying to find the location of my polling place. ... Your site was a lifesaver, or at least a vote-saver. --Marin

Thank you LWV!!!! I started using this site 3 years ago to get the information I need to cast my vote. I'm better informed and more confident in my vote than ever! ... --Santa Clara
      I just wanted to let you all know that I thought this one of the most functional, best organized, and useful web sites I have come across in a long time. ... --Alameda

IMPRESSIVE...send info on local contact to rejoin... --Santa Clara

I recently turned 18 and am registered to vote. With your site I found the answers to my questions about the primary election in Ohio, and lots of information on the candidates and issues. Thanks! --Ohio

I just want to complement the excellence of your website: clear, clean, easy to navigate, fast, excellent content! Thank you! --(county unknown)

... Love the tailored candidate/issue list by zip. ... The candidates who did not respond really missed an opportunity to get my vote. --Hamilton County, OH

Your web site saved my life tonight. I didn't get a sample ballot in the mail, so I had no idea who I was even voting for tomorrow. ... --Los Angeles

Thank you SO much for your outstanding efforts on this project. I have never felt as comfortable or well-informed with our initiative process as I do this election. Keep up the great work! --Los Angeles

From Candidates...

I greatly appreciate the LWV's initiative on helping to inform the voters. I think Smart Voter is a great program and has potential to reduce the influence of money and create a much more informed electorate... --a candidate in Santa Clara County

I'm in awe of your "turn-around-time" and customer satisfaction orientation. This is world-class service. Thank you. -- a candidate in Santa Clara County

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