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June 2, 2009 Election

| Local Measures
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Polling Location on June 2, 7am - 8pm
Contact the Registrar of Voters (510) 272-6973; (510) 208-4967 (TDD)
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  • Local Measures

    Measure B Maintenance of Local Funding for Piedmont Schools -- Piedmont Unified School District (parcel tax - 2/3 Approval Required)
    Official Final Results
    Pass: 3986 / 78.4% Yes votes ...... 1100 / 21.6% No votes
    To prevent existing school funding from expiring and maintain Piedmont's excellent quality of public education by attracting and retaining qualified teachers, maintaining small class sizes and protecting instructional programs and services, including art and music, foreign language, advanced placement, school libraries, classroom technology and student counseling, shall Piedmont Unified School District continue to levy special taxes up to the amounts specified in the voter pamphlet for four years and with all funds staying locally to benefit Piedmont schools?

    Measure E Temporary Local Funding to Offset Loss of State Funds -- Piedmont Unified School District (parcel tax - 2/3 Approval Required)
    Official Election Results.
    Pass: 3727 / 73.2% Yes votes ...... 1364 / 26.8% No votes
    To offset the loss of state funds by providing emergency temporary local funding, shall Piedmont Unified School District levy an additional special tax up to the amounts specified in the voter pamphlet (averaging $249 per parcel) for three years to avoid teacher and staff layoffs, protect programs and counseling, and prevent other cuts to core academic programs and services, with citizens' oversight and all funds staying locally to benefit Piedmont children?

    Measure G Parcel Tax Initiative -- Pleasanton Unified School District (2/3 Approval Required)
    Official Election Results
    Fail: 10995 / 62.7% Yes votes ...... 6546 / 37.3% No votes
    To preserve educational quality and protect Pleasanton schools from severe state budget cuts, keep class sizes small, maintain essential reading and math support programs, libraries, counselors, technology instruction, music, and safe, clean schools with no proceeds for administrators'salaries, shall the Pleasanton Unified School District be authorized to levy an annual $233 parcel tax for four years, with guaranteed audits, senior and disabled exemptions, an independent citizens' oversight committee and all funds benefitting our Pleasanton students?

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