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San Joaquin County, CA November 4, 2008 Election
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By JoAnne L. Mounce

Candidate for Council Member; City of Lodi

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Three people, elected or not, should not be able contract a community for 45 years.
Well, as for a few of you, you know that I have always been shy of three government activities. Growth of Government, eminate domain, and debt.

Redevelopment has the reputation of all three.

Lodi recently passed on ordinance that limits of the power of eminate domain for economic growth. I supported the ordinance and believe it is the best for Lodi as a whole.

So, two of my three fears remain. Lodi government will certainly need to grow in staff to manage and implement the programs and many projects on the long wish list. And Lodi will possably acquire much debt. Over the 45 year life of Lodi RDA, it is projected to realize 566 million in tax increment. Bonds can be issued against certain projects thus leaving Lodi with debt.

There are many positive features of Redevelopment that can not be overlooked. Dollars to address the many infrastructure deficancies in my beloved Eastside. An Eastside that I have lived in and fought for for much of my life. I do want the RDA dollars to be available for the many needs in the aging parts of Lodi.

Some say, Hundreds of cities in California have RDA, so should Lodi. Well, if someone told me to jump off a bridge because everyone else was, I would not. Lodi is special and I only care what is best for her and her citizens!

So what is the problem!

In 2002, an RDA project area was proposed by the City Council and a referendum was produced by the citizens. Over 4,400 signatures. They wanted to vote on redevelopment. Even though I was not on council at the time, I agreed with the people.

If the citizens complete a referendum in 2008, they will have control of when the issue is put on the ballot. I say lets bring the people of our community together, go to the ballot box and put this behind us. If it fails then so be it. But if it passes, like I expect is to, then the citizens can feel like they had a say in millions of dollars worth of projects that will effect Lodi for the next 45 YEARS!

Three people, elected or not, should not be able contract a community for 45 years.

Again, put the issue on the ballot, educate the community of the pros and cons, and let the voters weight in.

It is my job to hear the people and I believe that there are MANY citizens in Lodi wishing to have a voice in Lodi s RDA and it is my job to hear the people.

So, my no vote was because the people asked me to put the issue on the ballot and I believe we should.

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