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San Joaquin County, CA November 4, 2008 Election
Smart Voter Full Biography for Samuel Anderson

Candidate for
Council Member; City of Manteca

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Samuel Anderson is a native of California growing up in the Bay Area. Currently he is the managing partner for Tekbrokers VENTURES, LLC a small technology business venture group and is also a Commander of a Cyber Crimes Unit implanting for the City of Drew Police Department a unit that will be trained to fight crimes on the Internet for the State of Mississippi and in 43 other nations under the Council of Europe on Cyber Crimes Treaty. He is also the Managing Partner for the popular Online Citizens Community Police Reporting System - BobCOP,LLC - This business has brought several systems at affordable prices for all law enforcement agencies across the country. Samuel is also instrumental in providing sound advice and research for various States police agencies and Assemblies and Senates on technological advances in fighting methamphetamine and providing monitoring software focusing on both the systems and cost-effective methods of deploying them. He is currently in the process of developing several other advanced systems for cities and law enforcement agencies through his company BobCOP, LLC.

Samuel's career spans a territory of serving in the United States Marine Corps, consulting in FORTUNE 500 businesses, small business, Internet Start-ups, church ministry as a youth pastor, and consulting in various politics. He is also a professional drummer.

With a passion for California and the future of this great state, Samuel has devoted his time and energy primarily on current issues that involve the State of California but wishes to establish a strong relationship with the city he has grown to love, Manteca. Manteca is a `Family City' and Samuel has a vision to see the city become safer from gangs and drugs and updating the police and fire with "whatever it takes" to get the job done and become updated with whatever they need. "Currently, I'm happy that we now have a new police chief; Manteca needs a new vision and with a fresh approach, I hope that our new chief will bring us this with his vision and the use of technology to provide a smarter way of policing and with our community.

Samuel teaches business principles that are created to instill values and true business growth by learning how to increase your business using compound growth methods. This was born and instilled in Samuel while working with well-known venture capital firms in the Silicon Valley during the Dot Com boom of the late 90's and the year 2000 as a senior director at one of them. His consulting background in the technology sector has allowed him to create and bring to life projects and products in a variety of fields using his knowledge management experience, financial tactics, cost saving management and ideas. He has also established himself as one of the highest paid recruiters and consultants in technology for Fortune 500 companies and new start-ups during his time headhunting. Other areas included technology in the communications industry, financial, insurance, medical, human resources and top secret projects for various industries and government agencies with budgets in the billions. He has worked with several CEO's, Police Chiefs and executives with top talent from around the country and the world establishing programs and projects that are used widely every day by all of us and works directly with a hands-on approach with employees from top to bottom.

With his strong work ethic and background, Samuel is committed to the people of Manteca. It has become a passion for Samuel to make life better for people through technology and a newer approach to financial success for the city of Manteca. If elected to the Manteca City Council Samuel intends to bring his vast experiences and knowledge to this city and bring the important issues of living to the forefront, police and fire, education, after school projects and care for our seniors and a new city animal shelter and state-of-the-art mechanical garage.

Samuel Also donates a significant amount of his time to the non-profit organization `Safe Surrender Site' This non-profit along with many other persons and organizations and agencies have spear-headed the Baby Safe Haven Laws in 50 States for newborns to prevent abandon babies being killed and offer an alternative to mothers so they won't kill their babies. He has also been instrumental in being involved with other countries and encouraging them to develop the same program and one such program now is in action in his wife's city in Japan where she comes from. Recently, the Kingdom of Swaziland has contacted Samuel directly to bring about such a program into their nation where aids is an epidemic and now so is abandoning babies. "This will be something that I will see to the end and continue all around the world. Its hard work, but it's worth every bit of my time". Samuel is a Pro-Life man and stands by his belief that all life begins at conception.

Samuel has also invented and designed The Child ID Kit, that any parent or guardian or person can download and keep their personal information of everyone in the household with images, videos, finger prints and all updated information about anyone in the unlikely event of a missing person. This system has been approved by several law enforcement agencies and is very effective in providing any law enforcement with the information needed instantly with protective measures in place to ensure protection of the private information of the person. So far, over 500,000 downloads have been taken from this site. It will soon be available in various languages.

Samuel is from the Bay Area and has lived in Manteca with his wife Akemi for the past eight years and supports marriage for one-man and one-woman. He is also pro-gun and adamantly protects the rights of the First Amendment and Free Speech, something that many wish to silence and remove from the public square these days if you do not agree with them or they disagree with you. He is also against hostile eminent domain take-overs that are used to displace any private parties or businesses for no legitimate reasons.

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