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San Joaquin County, CA February 5, 2008 Election
Measure Q
Classroom and Facility Improvements
Stockton Unified School District

General Obligation Bonds - 55% Approval Required

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To improve the quality of education and student access to computers and technology, renovate science labs, repair restrooms, modernize and upgrade schools and classrooms throughout the District, construct additional classrooms and facilities, replace outdated temporary portable classrooms with permanent classrooms, and qualify the District for millions in State matching funds, shall the Stockton Unified School District issue $464,500,000 of bonds at legal interest rates with an independent citizens' oversight committee, annual audits and NO money for administrator salaries?

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Arguments For Measure Q
Everyone knows the importance and value of having quality schools. From higher achieving students to greater neighborhood safety to improved property values, quality schools make a difference.

Our schools are outdated and need major upgrades and renovations. While our teachers and staff do their best in educating our children, classrooms, many over 40 years old, must be brought up to modern standards.

Our district has 650 temporary portable classrooms. Most are old and are in poor condition. Many leak. This bond will replace these portables with new, well equipped classrooms.

Your YES vote on Measure Q will create a lasting, positive impact on the quality of our schools, neighborhoods, and community.

Your support on Measure Q will improve District classrooms and school facilities at our 56 schools by:

  • Upgrading fire and security systems to improve student safety

  • Repairing and replacing outdated heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems

  • Upgrading and repairing restrooms and plumbing systems throughout the District

  • Renovating science labs to bring them up to current standards

  • Replacing temporary portable classrooms with new well equipped classrooms.

By law, Measure Q has taxpayer protections in place.

  • All spending will be annually audited and reviewed by an independent citizens' oversight committee

  • Funds can only be spent to improve our schools and not for administrative salaries.

Measure Q deserves our support because it will not only maintain the quality of our local schools, it will also help us maintain the quality of our community. Please join us and VOTE YES ON MEASURE Q.

(No arguments against Measure Q were submitted)

Full Text of Measure Q

Full Text of Measure Q

Measure Q is a $464.5 million general obligation bond measure that will provide funding for classroom and facility improvements throughout the Stockton Unified School District. The following information is provided to help voters better understand Measure Q.

  • Why is a school improvement measure needed?

The Stockton Unified School district was first formed in 1852 and its boundaries cover an estimated 55 square miles. Currently the district operates 56 schools and serves approximately 38,000 students. The average age of schools in the District is 40 years old. To date, the District has done a good job of garnering funds from different sources such as developer fees and State matching grants to build new schools to relieve student overcrowding and make repairs and improvements to its existing schools. Now the District is at a critical point and must raise additional funds through a local general obligation bond to continue improving its schools and facilities and building additional classrooms to relieve overcrowding.

  • What is a general obligation bind?

General obligation (G.O.) bonds fund projects such as the renovatiion of existing classrooms and school facilities, as well as construction of new schools and classrooms. Similar to a home loan, G.O. bonds are repaid while the project is being used - typically 25 to 30 years. The loan repayment comes from a tax on all taxable property - residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial - located in the District. Interest on the bonds will be set at the lowest rate possible below the legal limit.

  • What would the passage of Measure Q mean to the District?

Measure Q will repair, renovate and modernize schools and classrooms throughout the District. Bond proceeds shall be used for the following school facility and education service facility projects:

  • Upgrade fire and security systems to improve student safety at various school sites

  • Upgrade electrical and data systems to improve student access to computers and modern technology at various school sites

  • Renovate the science labs to bring them up to current standards at various school sites

  • Construct additional classrooms at the District schools in order to reduce student overcrowding

  • Upgrade and repair restrooms and plumbing systems at school sites throughout the District

  • Repair and replace outdated heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems at various school sites

  • Modernize and update the existing elementary schools in the District, including repairing and replacing roofs

  • Modernize and update the existing high schools in the District

  • Replace many of the temporary portable classrooms currently in use by the District's schools with permanent classrooms

  • Upgrade playfields and parking lots at various school sites

  • Upgrade schools for handicap student accessibility.

Approval of the District's bond measure does not guarantee that the projects that are the subject of the measure will be funded beyond the local revenues generated by the bond measure. The District's proposed projects may assume the receipt of state funds, which could be subject to appropriation by the Legislature or approved at a statewide bond measure.

  • How can I be sure that Measure Q funds will be spent on improving our schools?

By law, the payment of administrative salaries from bond funds is strictly prohibited. In addition, the District shall establish a Citizens' Oversight Committee (the "Committee") and will appoint the members of the Committee to be made up of a minimum of seven members comprised of at least the following: one member shall be active in a business organization representing the business community located within the District, one member shall be active in a senior citizens' organization, one member shall be the parent or guardian of a child enrolled in the District, one member shall be both a parent or guardian of a child enrolled in the District and active in a parent-teacher organization. The District shall cause the proceeds of the bonds to be deposited in a separate account. The District shall annually cause to be prepared financial and performance audits related to the expenditure of the bond proceeds to ensure funds have only been expended on the specific projects listed. The District shall also cause an annual report to be prepared by the District's Chief Financial Officer containing a status report of all the authorized projects and containing the amount of funds collected and expended.

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