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Los Angeles County, CA March 8, 2005 Election
Directory of Los Angeles County, CA Measures
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Measure BellGardens---A. Consolidation of Municipal Elections -- City of Bell Gardens
830 / 78.7% Yes votes ...... 225 / 21.3% No votes
Shall the ordinance amending Bell Gardens Municipal Code Section
2.60.010 be adopted to read "Pursuant to Section 1301 of the California Elections Code, the City Municipal Election date shall be the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of odd-numbered years, commencing on November 6, 2007," causing the consolidation of the Bell Gardens general municipal elections with the Los Angeles County consolidated general elections, if approved by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors?

Measure BeverlyHills---A. Beverly Hills Gardens Specific Plan -- City of Beverly Hills
4,482 / 53.5% Yes votes ...... 3898 / 46.5% No votes
Shall Resolution No. 11688, a Resolution of the City Council of the City of Beverly Hills amending the Beverly Hills General Plan by changing the land use map designation for that real property located at 203-221 Canon Drive/202-240 Beverly Drive (the "Beverly Hills Gardens Specific Plan Area") from low-density commercial to Specific Plan and adopting the Beverly Hills Gardens Specific Plan, be adopted?

Measure Carson---A. Uniform Hotel Visitors Tax -- City of Carson
3,543 / 41.0% Yes votes ...... 5089 / 59.0% No votes
Shall Ordinance No. 04-1328 be adopted, which ordinance renames the transient occupancy tax to the Uniform Hotel Visitors Tax and increases such tax from 9% to 12%?

Measure LaHabraHeights---A. Fire Services -- City of La Habra Heights
1,176 / 81.4% Yes votes ...... 268 / 18.6% No votes
Shall an Ordinance be adopted to renew the City's authority to spend existing revenues from the special fire tax approved by two-thirds of the City's voters in 1997 to provide essential fire services by renewing the voter-approved amendment to the City's appropriation limit?

Measure LaHabraHeights---B. Life Safety Services -- City of La Habra Heights
1,164 / 80.3% Yes votes ...... 285 / 19.7% No votes
Shall Ordinance No. 259 be adopted to amend and clarify the existing special fire tax to provide that the proceeds of the special fire tax may be used to fund not only fire prevention and suppression services, but also life safety services, including, but not limited to, paramedic and emergency medical response services?

Measure LaVerne---S. Utility User Tax Increase -- City of La Verne
2,476 / 51.8% Yes votes ...... 2304 / 48.2% No votes
To maintain current levels of public service in La Verne, shall an ordinance be adopted to increase the existing utility user’s tax from 4% to 6%?

Measure LittleLakeSchoolDistrict---A. Special Parcel Tax -- Little Lake City Elementary School District (2/3 Majority Approval Required)
548 / 59.6% Yes votes ...... 371 / 40.4% No votes
To attract and retain experienced, qualified teachers, support small class sizes, maintain health services to students, and maintain safe, clean campuses, shall Little Lake City School District annually collect a $145/taxable parcel tax for seven years, with all funds staying in local schools, independent community oversight of all expenditures, exemptions for those 65 years and older, an annual cost of living adjustment and no funds for administrators'’ salaries?

Measure LosAngelesCharterAmendment---1. Inclusion of Port Police in Fire & Police Pension Plan -- City of Los Angeles (Charter Amendment)
224,808 / 65.0% Yes votes ...... 121238 / 35.0% No votes
Shall the Charter be amended to authorize the City Council of the City of Los Angeles to include new Port Police officers in the same pension plan as new members of the Los Angeles Police Depentment (Fire and Police Pension Plan - Tier 5) and to give current Port Police Officers the choice of joining that Plan or staying in their current retirement plan, with all Port Police pension costs continuing to be paid by the Harbor Department?

Measure LosAngelesCharterAmendment---2. Modifications to the Fire and Police Pension Plan -- City of Los Angeles (Charter Amendment)
213,324 / 62.5% Yes votes ...... 128105 / 37.5% No votes
Shall the Charter be amended to authorize the adoption of ordinances to: (1) allow retired police officers and firefighters to return to active duty by terminating their pensions and being rehired, (2) allow the maximum amount of health subsidies for retirees and beneficiaries of the Plan to be set by ordinance, and (3) allow the City to pay part of employee contributions to the Plan as agreed in labor negotiations?

Measure LowellSchoolDistrict---B. Parcel Tax -- Lowell Joint Elementary School District
1,566 / 52.9% Yes votes ...... 1393 / 47.1% No votes
To maintain quality educational programs and classroom instruction, to prevent significant increases in class size, to avoid reductions in teaching positions, to attract and retain the best teachers and employees, and to support educational programs that enhance student achievement, shall the Lowell Joint School District be authorized to levy a special tax of $95 on each parcel of land within the District each year for eight years with an exemption opportunity for seniors?

Measure ManhattanBeach---2005-A. Repeal of Term Limits -- City of Manhattan Beach
957 / 14.4% Yes votes ...... 5701 / 85.6% No votes
Shall an ordinance be adopted which repeals existing term limits for City Councilmembers?

Measure MontereyPark---AA. Public Safety -- City of Monterey Park (Majority Approval Required)
3,858 / 58.9% Yes votes ...... 2690 / 41.1% No votes
Shall an ordinance be adopted by two-thirds plus-one voters preventing severe cuts to existing levels of public safety and addressing future protection demands by adding a daily fifth police patrol and a firefighter-paramedic position, bonding to replace two aged and substandard fire stations, resolving pay unfairness, and fund the safety pension shortfall so it is protected through applying a dedicated annual special levy on parcels not to exceed 25 years?

Measure RedondoBeach---G. Transient Occupancy Tax -- City of Redondo Beach
1,787 / 56.2% Yes votes ...... 1394 / 43.8% No votes
Shall an Ordinance amending Section 8-2.03 of the Redondo Beach Municipal Code to authorize increasing the transient occupancy tax charged to guests by hotel operators from the current ten percent (10%) to an amount not to exceed twelve percent (12%) of the rent charged by the operators effective July 1, 2005, be adopted

Measure RedondoBeach---H. Business License Tax Adjustments -- City of Redondo Beach
1,408 / 46.4% Yes votes ...... 1627 / 53.6% No votes
Shall an Ordinance amending the Redondo Beach Municipal Code Section 6-1.22 regarding Business License Tax rates, last modified in 1991, authorizing the establishment of an annual CPI adjustment to begin July, 2005, be adopted?

Measure RedondoBeach---J. Open Space -- City of Redondo Beach (Advisory Vote Only)
A 4,883 votes 55.5%
B 3,921 votes 44.5%
For the properties bounded by Pacific Coast Highway, Catalina Avenue, Beryl Street, Harbor Drive and Herondo Street, the City Council requests you choose which of the following two visions, created by city residents through a consensus building process, you would prefer to guide future development:

A. Acquire and develop 76.5 acres for park and recreation purposes, including both passive and active uses, at a cost to the taxpayers estimated to be in excess of $345 million with the possibility of undetermined funding from outside public and private sources, including State bond funds; and with a combined annual General Fund increase in operating costs and loss of revenue estimated to be in excess of $2.9 million.

B. Allow mixed uses including a minimum 16 acres of park and privately financed development of 350 residences plus hotels and conference facilities including 400 standard and 150 condo hotel rooms. Public parks are estimated to cost $50.6 million to be financed by developer fees, redevelopment bonds, and approximately $6.6 million from taxpayers, with the possibility of undetermined funding from outside public or private sources. Net annual General Fund revenue increase of approximately $770,000 is anticipated.

Measure SouthGate---P. Overnight Parking -- City of South Gate (Advisory Vote Only)
1,904 / 44.8% Yes votes ...... 2347 / 55.2% No votes
Shall the South Gate City Council enact a permit system regulating the number of vehicles that may be parked overnight on City streets?

Measure SouthGate---S. Utility User Tax -- City of South Gate
1,145 / 28.0% Yes votes ...... 2946 / 72.0% No votes
Shall the City of South Gate adopt an ordinance to establish a Utility Users' Tax not to exceed 5% to fund general City services and programs including police, parks and recreation, and library services?

Measure SouthPasadena---L. Extension of Special Tax for Library -- City of South Pasadena (2/3 Majority Approval Required)
3,693 / 83.6% Yes votes ...... 726 / 16.4% No votes
Shall the ordinance extending the Library Special Tax to June 30, 2011 in order to provide funding of the maintenance and operations of the South Pasadena Public Library at the current level of library services be adopted?

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