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Contra Costa County, CA March 2, 2004 Election
Directory of Contra Costa County, CA Measures
County Results as of Mar 5 3:53pm, 100% of Precincts Reporting (787/787)
53.9% Countywide Voter Turnout (244,456/453,036)

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Measure 2. Regional Traffic Relief Plan -- County of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Solano (Majority Approval Require)
631,304 / 58.5% Yes votes ...... 448,771 / 41.5% No votes
   178,464 (59.55%) Yes / 121,206 (40.45%) No in Santa Clara County
   164,497 (55.6%) Yes / 131,098 (44.4%) No in Alameda County
   121,167 (51.4%) Yes / 114,766 (48.6%) No in Contra Costa County
   51285 (64.29%) Yes / 28487 (35.71%) No in Marin County
   115,891 (68.53%) Yes / 53,214 (31.47%) No in San Francisco County
   Yes / No in Solano County

Measure B. College Bond -- Chabot-Las Positas Community College District (2/3 Approval Required)
65,195 / 59.0% Yes votes ...... 45,398 / 41.0% No votes
   65,155 (59.0%) Yes / 45,364 (41.0%) No in Alameda County
   40 (54.1%) Yes / 34 (45.9%) No in Contra Costa County
To prepare students for jobs/four-year colleges, improve safety, accommodate increasing enrollment at Chabot and Las Positas Colleges by:

  • Repairing leaky roofs;
  • Upgrading fire safety, campuss security, plumbing/ventilation systems and electrical wiring for computer technology;
  • Removing asbestos;
  • Upgrading nursing/paramedics/job training classrooms;
  • Repairing, constructing, acquiring, equipping classrooms, labs, sites and facilities;

shall Cahbot-Las Positas Community College District issue $498,000,000 in bonds, at legal rates, with guaranteed annual audits, citizen oversight, and no money for administrators' salaries?

Measure J. Parcel Tax -- West Contra Costa Unified School District (2/3 Approval Required)
28,785 / 62.7% Yes votes ...... 17,138 / 37.3% No votes
To maintain reduced class sizes; purchase textbooks and teaching materials, attract and retain qualified teachers, aides and counselors; enhance core subjects including reading, writing, math and science, and improve custodial services, shall West Contra Costa Unified School District be authorized to levy, for 5 years only beginning July 1, 2004, an annual tax of 6.8 cents per square foot of total building area or $6.80 per vacant parcel, with an exemption for eligible seniors?

Measure K. Parcel Tax -- Moraga School District (2/3 Approval Required)
4,443 / 66.8% Yes votes ...... 2,208 / 33.2% No votes
To provide funding for Moraga's K-8 schools to maintain small class sizes, to protect strong academics, and to hire and retain qualified teachers and staff; shall the Moraga School District be authorized to replace its existing parcel tax with a levy of $325.00 per year per taxable parcel of real property with an annual independent audit and exemption for eligible low-income seniors?

Measure L. Large Scale Retail Business Ordinance -- County of Contra Costa (Majority Approval Required)
108,770 / 46.3% Yes votes ...... 126,055 / 53.7% No votes
Shall the Large-Scale Retail Businesses Ordinance, Contra Costa County Ordinance No. 2003-18, be adopted?

Measure M. Redevelopement Agency -- City of Martinez (Advisory Measure Only)
6,336 / 51.9% Yes votes ...... 5,877 / 48.1% No votes
Shall Martinez City Council establish a Redevelopment Agency within the City of Martinez in accordance with State law, including the statutory provisions requiring public notice and hearing before the Redevelopment Agency can be established and its goals implemented?

Measure N. Expand Los Vaqueros -- Contra Costa County Water District (Advisory Measure Only)
59,094 / 61.8% Yes votes ...... 36,578 / 38.2% No votes
Shall Contra Costa Water District work with public water agencies to expand Los Vaqueros Reservoir, at no cost to District ratepayers, to: (1) increase water supplies for drought protection; (2) improve drinking water quality; and (3) protect endangered fish in the Delta, on condition that: (a) CCWD water rates will not increase; (b) no water will be exported to Southern California or a peripheral canal; and (c) CCWD will still operate the expanded reservoir?

Measure O. Parcel Tax, Blackhawk Police Services -- County Service Area P-2, Zone A (2/3 Approval Required)
1,095 / 50.7% Yes votes ...... 1,065 / 49.3% No votes
Shall Contra Costa County Ordinance 2003-31 be approved to authorize a special tax increase on property in County Service Area P-2 (Zone A), to a maximum of $270 per parcel for residential property (single and multiple), a maximum of $1620 per parcel for commercial/industrial/institutional property, and a maximum of $8100 per parcel for commercial/theater property, to provide additional funding for police protection?

Measure P. Appropriations Limit, Alamo Park & Recreation -- County Service Area R-7, Zone A (Majority Approval Require)
3,444 / 73.5% Yes votes ...... 1,239 / 26.5% No votes
Shall the appropriations limit under California Article XII-B for County Service Area R-7A (Alamo Parks and Recreation) be increased to $675,000 and adjusted for changes in the cost-of-living and population, with the increase effective for the fiscal years 2002/2003 through 2005/2006 (inclusive) to provide for the expenditure of funds that will be available to the Service Area during the stated fiscal years?

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