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Santa Clara County, CA November 4, 2003 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Betsy Bechtel

Candidate for
Board Member; Foothill-De Anza Community College District

This information is provided by the candidate

Foothill-De Anza Faculty Association
Silicon Valley Asian Pacific American Democratic Club
Mountain View Voice
Palo Alto Daily News

Hon. Rod Diridon Sr. (Ret.) County Supervisor
Hon. Anna Eshoo Congresswoman
Hon. Jan Fenwick, Purissima Water District
Hon. Liz Kniss, County Supervisor
Hon. Sally Lieber, State Assemblywoman
Hon. Dianne McKenna (Ret.), County Supervisor
Hon. Mary Davey, Open Space District
Hon. Byron Sher, State Senator
Hon. Joe Simitian, State Assemblyman
Hon. Gerry Steinberg (Ret.), County Supervisor
Hon. Larry Stone, Assessor

Community College Trustees

Hon. Ray Bacchetti (Ret.), Foothill-De Anza
Hon. Paul Fong, Foothill-De Anza
Hon. Edward (Sandy) Hay, Foothill-De Anza
Hon. Jay Jackman (Ret.), Foothill-De Anza
Hon. Andrea Leiderman, Foothill-De Anza
Hon. Mary Mason, Foothill-De Anza
Hon. Judy Moss, Foothill-De Anza
Hon. Nancy Pyle, San Jose Evergreen CCD
Hon. Bob Smithwick (Ret.) Foothill-De Anza
Hon. Sarah Wiehe, Student Trustee, Foothill-De Anza
Hon. Mickey Wheat (Ret.) Foothill-De Anza
Hon. Mary Lou Zoglin (Ret.) Foothill-De Anza

School Trustees/Officials

Hon. Joan Barram (Ret.), Cupertino
Hon. John Barton, Palo Alto
Mary Frances Callan, Palo Alto
Hon. Betsy Collard (Ret.), Mountain View
Hon. Judy Hanneman, Mountain View/Los Altos
Hon. Julie Jerome (Ret.), Palo Alto
Hon. Cathy Kroymann, Palo Alto
Hon. Ginny Lear (Ret.), Los Altos
Hon. Mandy Lowell, Palo Alto
Hon. Nancy Newkirk, Sunnyvale
Hon. Nancy A. Newton, Fremont-Union
Hon. Gail Price, Palo Alto
Hon. Susie Richardson (Ret.) Palo Alto
Hon. Carolyn Tucher (Ret.) Palo Alto
Hon. John Tuomy, Palo Alto
Hon. Susan Ware (Ret.), Whisman

Mayors and City Officials

Hon. Matt Allen (Ret.), Mountain View
Hon. George Bechtel, UAC, Palo Alto
Hon. Bern Beecham, Palo Alto
Hon. Jim Burch, Palo Alto
Hon. Michael S. Chang, Mayor, Cupertino
Hon. Dexter Dawes, UAC, Palo Alto
Hon. Gary Fazzino (Ret.), Palo Alto
Hon. Bob Fenwick, Los Altos Hills
Hon. Ellen Fletcher (Ret.), Palo Alto
Hon. Hilary Freeman, Palo Alto
Hon. Bob Grimm (Ret.), Los Altos
Hon. Walt Hays (Ret.) San Jose
Hon. Alan Henderson (Ret.), Palo Alto
Hon. Sid Hubbard (Ret.) Los Altos Hills
Hon. Jim Jackson (Ret.) Cupertino
Hon. Michael Kasperzak, Mountain View
Hon. Breen Kerr, Los Altos Hills
Hon. Larry Klein (Ret.), Palo Alto
Hon. Judy Kleinberg, Palo Alto
Hon. Yoriko Kishimoto, Palo Alto
Bruce Liedstrand, City Manager (Ret.), Mountain View
Hon. Francis La Poll, Los Altos
Hon. Penny Lave (Ret.), Los Altos
Hon. Roy Lave (Ret.), Los Altos
Hon. Leland Levy (Ret.), Palo Alto
Hon. Richard Lowenthal, Cupertino
Hon. Nancy Lytle, Palo Alto
Hon. Julia Miller, Sunnyvale
Hon. Dena Mossar, Palo Alto
Hon. Victor Ojakian, Palo Alto
Hon. Dolly Sandoval, Cupertino
Hon. Mary Van Tamelen (Ret.) Los Altos Hills
Hon. Lanie Wheeler (Ret.), Palo Alto
Hon. Gail Woolley (Ret.), Palo Alto
Hon. Mary Lou Zoglin, Mountain View

Community Leaders
Randy Adams
William and Barbara Alhouse
Margaret and Roger W. Anderson
Monica and Adrian Arima
Gwen Barry
Brigid Barton
Bob and Pat Brown
Gloria Brown
Trish and David Bubenik
Wileta Burch
Carolyn D. Caddes
Lucia Cha
Mark Chandler and Chris Kenrick
Theresa Chen
Jean Gardner Ching
Dean Chu
Fran Codispoti
Tom and Marge Collins
Stan and Mary Cottrell
Jean Dawes
Tony and Jan DiJulio
Cynthia and Dennis Dillon
Sherie Dodsworth
Diane Doolittle
Linda Elkind
Moya Eyerly
Connie and Steve Fasani
Annette Fazzino
Barbara and Win Foster
Carol C. and Joel P. Friedman, M.D.
Paul Garrett
Betty Gerard
Lynn and Jim Gibbons
Paul Goldstein
Barbara Green
Ruth Hammett
Bill and Joan Hancock
Janet and Sam Harding
Carroll Harrington
Harry Hartzell
Elinor Heath
Judy Higgerson
Jerry Hiura
Cheryl Howell
Beaatrice C. Hubbard
Doni Hubbard
Nancy A. Huber
Leannah Hunt
Amy Imai
Diana and Mike Irvin
Pat Jackson
Maddy and Mel Kahn
Richard A. Karp
Al Kenrick
Bob and Edie Kirkwood
Barbara Klein
Judy Koch
Iris Korol
Judy Kramer
Gay Krause
Nina and Norm Kulgein
Sandy and Bob Lehman
Mary Lorey
Joan and Bob McCowan
Ted and Peggy McKee
Betty Meltzer
Milbrey McLaughlan
Pat Millar
William J. Miller
David and Carolyn Mitchell
Eliane Neukemans
Mary Ojakian
John O'Keefe
Polly and Henry W. Parker
John S. Perkins
Helene Pier
Hal Plotkin
Roxy Rapp
Margie and Herb Rauch
John Reed
Barbara Rieder
Susan and Douglas Roberts
Roy L. and Ruth E. Rogers
Nancy W. Rossen and J. Norman Rossen
Tom and Pat Sanders
June and Clark Schiller
Gail Schubert
Harriette and Joe Shakes
Cynthia Sievers
Alice Smith
Dennis and Ellen Smith
Dave Smullin
Ernie and Gail Solomon
Ann Sonnenberg
Jerome Spector
Madeline and Isaac Stein
Susan B. Stewart
Rebecca and Ben Stolpa
Carmen Stone
Dorothy Stow
Larry and Vicki Sullivan
Bruce and Barb Swenson
Susie Thom
Emily F. Thurber
Kathy Torgersen
Lynn Torin
Tony Tucher
Terry Trumbull
Ellen and Mike Turbow
Darlene Vian and Brian McCune
Sandy and Bill Voorhees
Curt Weil
Lee Cullinan Wooldridge
Tom and Ellen Wyman
Betsy Young
Dennis Young
Barbara Zeitman-Olson
Carolyn Zlotnick
Dick and Margaret Zuanich
partial list

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