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Election Calendar for November 5, 2002

October 7 - first day absentee ballots may be issued
October 15 - last day for state to mail Voter Information Guide
October 15 - last day for counties to mail sample ballot to registered voters
October 21 - last day to register to vote on November 5
October 29 - last day the Elections Office can receive your mailed/faxed absentee ballot application
November 5 - last day the Elections Office can receive your voted absentee ballot. Postmarks do not count
November 5 - Election Day, 7am-8pm

The election on November 5, 2002 has changed in two ways this year.


Are you in new voting districts in this election? Read about the effects of redistricting...


For the first time, any voter may apply for a permanent absentee ballot. Your county may have a special application form. Find your county elections office by entering your zip code:

Once enrolled as a Permanent Absent Voter, you will automatically receive an absentee ballot for every election in which you are entitled to vote. You will no longer need to apply for an absentee ballot each election. Failure to vote in a statewide election, however, will cancel your Permanent Absent Voter status, but will not affect your active voter registration status.


See some Questions and Answers about Voting in California for information about voting at the polls, absentee voting, and mail-in precincts.

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