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Contra Costa County Ballot

1 BAYWOOD DR, 94803

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November 5, 2002 Election

County Results as of Dec 6 2:34am, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (1072/1072)
56.6% Countywide Voter Turnout (274,087/484,640)

Statewide Results as of Nov 14 11:14am, 100% of Precincts Reporting (24726/24726)
48.5% Statewide Voter Turnout (7,424,799/15,303,469)

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Polling Location on November 5, 7am - 8pm
Live Oak Living Center - Lobby Area
Greenridge Dr To Upland To Pyramid
2150 Pyramid Dr
Richmond, Ca 94803
Precinct 76093
Ballot Type 257
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  • State Executive

    Governor; State of California

    Lieutenant Governor; State of California

    Secretary of State; State of California

    State Controller; State of California

    State Treasurer; State of California

    Attorney General; State of California

    Insurance Commissioner; State of California

    State Board of Equalization

    Member; California State Board of Equalization; District 1

    Federal & State Legislative

    United States Representative; District 7

    • George Miller, Democratic
      88,256 votes 70.7%
    • Charles R. Hargrave, Republican
      33,131 votes 26.5%
    • Scott A. Wilson, Libertarian
      3,597 votes 2.8%

    Member; California State Assembly; District 14


    Justice; California State Supreme Court (Yes/No)

    Justice, California State Court of Appeal; District 1 Division 1 (Yes/No)

    Justice, California State Court of Appeal; District 1 Division 2 (Yes/No)

    Justice, California State Court of Appeal; District 1 Division 3 (Yes/No)

    Justice, California State Court of Appeal; District 1 Division 4 (Yes/No)

    Justice, California State Court of Appeal; District 1 Division 5 (Yes/No)

    Superior Court Judge; County of Contra Costa


    State Superintendent of Public Instruction; State of California

    Board Member; West Contra Costa Unified School District (3 Elected)


    District Attorney-Public Administrator; County of Contra Costa

    Special District

    Director; West Contra Costa Healthcare District (3 Elected)

    • Bettye J. Cash
      25,152 votes 26.4%
    • Jane Beam Wood
      24,659 votes 25.9%
    • Beverly E. Wallace
      22,631 votes 23.8%
    • John Ira Medlock, Jr.
      16,881 votes 17.7%
    • Roger M. Poehlmann
      5,850 votes 6.1%

    Director; East Bay Municipal Utility District; Ward 3

    • Katy Foulkes
      42,292 votes 100.0%
    • (348 Writein Votes 0.8%)

    State Propositions

    Proposition 46 Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act of 2002
    3,895,071 / 57.5% Yes votes ...... 2,880,506 / 42.5% No votes
    Should the state create a trust fund by selling two billion one hundred million dollars ($2,100,000,000) in general obligation funds to fund twenty-one types of housing programs--including multifamily, individual and farmworker housing?

    Proposition 47 Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2002
    4,044,743 / 59.0% Yes votes ...... 2,809,844 / 41.0% No votes
    Should the state sell thirteen billion fifty million dollars ($13,050,000,000) in general obligation bonds for construction and renovation of K-12 school facilities and higher education facilities?

    Proposition 48 Court Consolidation
    4,642,292 / 72.8% Yes votes ...... 1,735,074 / 27.2% No votes
    Should the California Constitution be amended to delete references to the municipal courts?

    Proposition 49 Before and After School Programs. State Grants
    3,857,409 / 56.6% Yes votes ...... 2,958,458 / 43.4% No votes
    Should funding for before and after school programs be substantially increased, and starting in 2004-05, should general funds be permanently earmarked for this program?

    Proposition 50 Water Quality, Supply and Safe Drinking Water Projects. Coastal Wetlands Purchase and Protection
    3,727,561 / 55.4% Yes votes ...... 3,006,792 / 44.6% No votes
    Should the state borrow three billion four hundred forty million dollars ($3,440,000,000) through the sale of general obligation bonds for a variety of water projects including coastal protection, the CALFED Bay-Delta Program, integrated regional water management, safe drinking water, and water quality?

    Proposition 51 Distribution of Existing Motor Vehicle Sales and Use Tax
    2,712,675 / 41.4% Yes votes ...... 3,839,788 / 58.6% No votes
    Should the sales and use taxes raised from the sale or lease of motor vehicles be permanently allocated to specific transportation projects?

    Proposition 52 Election Day Voter Registration
    2,745,473 / 40.6% Yes votes ...... 4,019,211 / 59.4% No votes
    Should legally eligible California residents presenting proof of current residence be allowed to register to vote on Election Day?

    Local Measures

    Measure J Tax -- City of Richmond (simple majority required to pass)
    9,549 / 54.8% Yes votes ...... 7,891 / 45.2% No votes
    In order to provide additional funds to help preserve vital City services such as police, fire, emergency medical, library, recreation, local street maintenance and for other general governmental purposes, shall the ordinance to increase the utility users tax from eight percent (8%) to ten percent (10%) be adopted?

    Measure K Date Officiers Take Office -- City of Richmond (simple majority required to pass)
    10,258 / 62.8% Yes votes ...... 6,065 / 37.2% No votes
    Shall the Charter of the City of Richmond be amended to change the date in which the Mayor and City Councilmembers take office from the second Monday in November to the second Tuesday in January following an election, as set forth in Section 1 of Exhibit A of City Council Resolutions No. 95-02 on file in the office of the City Clerk?

    Measure L Consolidate Even Years -- City of Richmond (simple majority required to pass)
    8,993 / 55.8% Yes votes ...... 7,129 / 44.2% No votes
    Shall the Charter of the City or Richmond be amended to change the election dates for the Mayor and Councilmembers from November in odd-numbered years to November in even-numbered years commencing in November, 2004, and to increase by one year the terms of the Mayor and City Councilmembers who are currently in office, as specifically set forth in Section 1 of Exhibit A of City Council Resolution No. 94-02 on file in the office of the City Clerk?

    Measure AA Parcel Tax -- Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (2/3 approval required)
    168,525 / 68.1% Yes votes ...... 78,821 / 31.9% No votes
       146206 (68.4%) Yes / 67497 (31.6%) No in Alameda County
       22,319 (66.3%) Yes / 11,324 (33.7%) No in Contra Costa County
    To protect esential public transportation services provided by AC Transit, includig bus services for school children, seniors and people with disabilities, ensure the safety and security of transit passengers, help reduce traffic congestion on local streets and freeways, and reduce air pollution, shall the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District be authorized to levy annually for five years only a tax of $24 per parcel, and appoint an independent fiscal oversight committee of community representatives?

    Measure BB Bond -- San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (2/3 approval required)
    485,782 / 64.5% Yes votes ...... 267,778 / 35.5% No votes
       209748 (66.8%) Yes / 104376 (33.2%) No in Alameda County
       135,424 (54.9%) Yes / 111,235 (45.1%) No in Contra Costa County
       140,610 (72.94%) Yes / 52,167 (27.06%) No in San Francisco County
    To protect public safety, preserve mobility for Bay Area residents and keep traffic moving in the event of a major earthquake, shall the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Trasit District be authorized to issue bonds not to exceed $1.05 billion to seismically retrofit, strengthen, improve and replace BART facilities serving Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco Counties, and establish an independent citizens' oversight committee to review and report bond expenditures to the public?

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