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Contra Costa County, CA March 5, 2002 Election
Directory of Contra Costa County, CA Measures
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Measure A. School Bonds -- Contra Costa Community College District (55% Approval Required)
112,062 / 64.9% Yes votes
60,664 / 35.1% No votes
Shall the Contra Costa Community College District issue $120 million of bonds (its first since 1948) to repair outmoded facilities (for energy savings, safety, and handicapped accessibility improvements), and update facilities used by vocational programs (for fire science, nursing, police, culinary arts, technology programs, etc.) and transfer programs at Contra Costa College, Diablo Valley College, Los Medanos College, San Ramon Valley Center and the Brentwood/Delta Science Centers, with a citizens' oversight committee to monitor spending of the funds?

Measure B. School Bonds -- John Swett Unified School District (55% Approval Required)
1,778 / 66.5% Yes votes
895 / 33.5% No votes
To build, equip, and furnish a new elementary school on the district-owned site of the former Garretson School in order to replace the substandard Hillcrest Elementary School and provide a more modern, improved, safer, and technologically advanced facility, shall the John Swett Unified School District issue $10 million of bonds at interest rates within the legal limit and thereby become eligible for additional state funding for the project?

Measure C. School Bonds -- Mount Diablo Unified School District (55% Approval Required)
31,530 / 65.5% Yes votes
16,581 / 34.5% No votes
To improve health and safety conditions of local schools, shall Mr. Diablo Unified School District upgrade electrical systems, repair inadequate heating, ventilation and plumbing systems, replace aging roofs, renovate restrooms, improve building exteriors and grounds for safety, replace aging protables, and construct or acquire new classrooms, educational facilities and technology infrastructure by issuing $250,000,000 of bonds at interest rates within legal limits, providing citizens' oversight and independent audits with all funds benefiting our local community?

Measure D. School Bonds -- West Contra Costa Unified School District (55% Approval Required)
24,391 / 71.8% Yes votes
9,567 / 28.2% No votes
To complete repairing all of our schools, improve classroom safety and relieve overcrowding through such projects as: building additional classrooms; making seismic upgrades; repairing and renovating bathrooms, electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation systems, leaking roofs and fire safety systems; shall the West Contra Costa Unified School District issue $300 million in bonds at authorized interest rates, to renovate, acquire, construct and modernize school facilities and appoint a citizens' oversignt committee to monitor that funds are spent accordingly?

Measure E. Byron Union School District (Bond (55% approval required))
1,158 / 52.5% Yes votes
1,049 / 47.5% No votes
To complete the Byron Union Schooll District's new middle school by building additional permanent classrooms, up-to-date science and computer labs, and a library and gymnasium both designed for school and community use, and for other district projects, shall the District issue $10,000,000 in bonds bearing interest at legally authorized rates, and establish a Citizens' Oversignt Committee to monitor all expenditures?

Measure G. Parcel Tax -- Orinda Union School District (2/3 Approval Required)
4,857 / 64.7% Yes votes
2,654 / 35.3% No votes
To ensure reliable funding with strong local control to benefit all elementary and intermediate school students through excellent class room programs, high quality teaching, and small calss sizes, shall the Orinda Union School District be authorized to replace its existing instructional parcel tax with a tax beginning at $385/year per taxable parcel and increasing by Board action by a maximum of $25/year, with a six year term starting July 1, 2002?

Measure K. Parcel Tax -- East Bay Regional Park District (2/3 Approval Required)
102,052 / 57.2% Yes votes
76,281 / 42.8% No votes
Shall a resolution be approved to provide critical environmental maintenance, enhance public safety by adding police, firefighters, and park rangers, and increase public access to East Bay Regional Park District's 93,000 acres of serene parklnads, 59 parks and over 1,000 miles of regional trails by authorizing a parcel tax based upon occupancy, of $1 per month ($12 per year) per single-family parcel and $0.69 per month ($8.28 per year) per multi-family unit to expire in 12 years?

Measure L. Appropriation Limit -- Kensington Police Protection and Community Services District (Majority Approval Required)
1,636 / 89.6% Yes votes
190 / 10.4% No votes
Shall the appropriations limit of the Kensington Police Protection and Community Services District for Fiscal Year 2002-2003 be established at $2,117,675.00 and should the limit for that Fiscal Year (i.e. $2,117,675.00) be used to determine the limits for Fiscal Years 2003-2004 through 2005-2006?

Measure M. Business License Tax -- Town of Danville (Majority Approval Required)
6,291 / 67.1% Yes votes
3,086 / 32.9% No votes
Shall Ordinance No. 2001-03, which ratifies and readopts the 1993 business license tax, be adopted?

Measure N. Library Parcel Tax -- City of Hercules (2/3 Approval Required)
1,571 / 54.4% Yes votes
1,316 / 45.6% No votes
Shall the proposed resolution imposing a special library tax in the annual amount of $40 per parcel on every parcel of real estate withint the City of Hercules, California, be adopted?

Measure O. City of Oakley Appropriation Limit
2,491 / 78.5% Yes votes
681 / 21.5% No votes
Shall the City of Oakley's base-year appropriation limit for Fiscal Year 1999-2000 be established at $4,093,783.44?

Measure P. Title to be inserted here -- City of San Ramon (Majority Approval Required)
5,722 / 77.2% Yes votes
1,686 / 22.8% No votes
Shall the San Ramon 2020 General Plan prepared and recommended by the General Plan Review Commission be adopted as the General Plan for the City of San Ramon?

Measure Q. Library Parcel Tax City of Walnut Creek
13,775 / 69.6% Yes votes
6,018 / 30.4% No votes
To restore and improve Walnut Creek's library services by making consistent and increasing the hours the libraries are open; replacing worn and outdated books, materials and equipment; maintaining reading and educational programs for children and services for adults, students and seniors, shall the ordinance be adopted authorizing the City of Walnut Creek to collect a qualified special tax not to exceed $22 per year per residential parcel or equivalent unit begining July 1, 2002 for Walnut Creek library services and expiring after eight years?

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