Sacramento, San Joaquin County, CA November 7, 2000 Election
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Privatization is the solution in education.

By Carole Brow

Candidate for State Senator; District 5

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The best way--the only real way--to promote improvement in student achievement is to privatize education.
In a free market, enterprises either provide the goods and services demanded by their customers at the lowest possible cost or they go out of business. Because of the government monopoly on education, free market signals are blocked that would cause schools to adapt to changing needs of their students. Government has no business financing and controlling education in California. Therefore, I advocate returning control of education to parents:
  • Allow students to attend any school regardless of district boundaries.
  • End interference with home schooling, in particular end the policy in some counties of not allowing home schooling parents to file private school affidavits and end the effort by local truant officers and social workers to control who can teach and what they can teach.
  • Replace tax funding of government schools, at all levels, by the use of tuition and other voluntary means.
  • Establish an unlimited tax credit, equal to the amount of the assistance, for any individual or business sponsoring a person in an educational institution.
  • End government subsidy of private education and end all government subsidies to students, such as Pell Grants and the federal student loan program.
  • Repeal Proposition 98 funding guarantee for K-14 public education.
  • End licensing and regulation of private and parochial schools.
  • Resist the introduction of federally mandated or encouraged national education standards.
  • End compulsory busing.
  • End compulsory school attendance.
  • End government or tax-funded pre-school programs.
  • Retain tax-exempt status for all private schools, including religiously affiliated schools.
  • Abolish California's monopoly lottery system for financing of education.
  • Ultimately, repeal laws authorizing collection of taxes in support of government schools and the California Department of Education.

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